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It's time to improve!



Most of us are finding ourselves with a little more time on our hands than usual and that has resulted in some really great things. From live morning workouts to baking bread, getting through your Netflix watch list and even hitting your 10,000 steps a day consistently for the first time since you bought that Fitbit. 

But we thought that whilst we are all in that self-improvement state of mind, why not put it to use on your business as well? So, we’ve devised a series of articles and guides that we’ll release over the next few weeks to help you get your business in top condition for when this is all behind us.

Amongst others, we’ll cover topics such as:
The best accountancy software for small businesses
Putting your salon at the top of Google
Email marketing for beginners
Hiring your first employee

Our first release is coming this week and will cover everything you need to know about growing your social media following. We’ll explore how to create great content without breaking the bank, the importance of a good hashtag, how to measure your success and much more. 

Bookmark our inspiration section to be the first to know when new content is published, and let us know on social media - @capitalhair – if there are any topics you’d like us to cover.