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How VAT Free Sales Work



During our VAT Free Sale you'll still be charged VAT (as that's the law!) but the total amount you pay is as if we had not charged it. For example, if a product normally sells for £100.00 (excluding VAT) the total you normally pay is £120.00 (including VAT). When we have a VAT Free Sale, we discount the price down to £83.33 (excluding VAT) so the total you pay is £100.00 (including VAT), which is the same as the normal selling price, but without the VAT.

The VAT Free (equivalent) discount is 16.67% as it is applied to the pre-VAT price of the goods.


Please see example basket screenshots below showing the difference between an order without the VAT Free discount and the same order with the discount applied. The total amount to pay is now the same as the subtotal prior to the discount being applied. (No promo code is required)

VATFREE UK - Before Discount (No Code) 2018 Border
Without VATFREE Discount
VATFREE UK - After Discount (No Code) 2018 Border
With VATFREE Discount

Subject to a £20 ex VAT minimum spend. No promo code is required. VAT Free discount does not apply to the delivery charge and will not be applied to products already subject to a price reduction or discount. This VAT free offer means the total payable is the pre-VAT total of the merchandise. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with Privilege Points, or 4 1 promotions. Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery.

Salon Furniture & Equipment, Training Courses, College Kits and Shipping are excluded from the offer

VAT Free promotion is available online and in Capital stores (excluding M&S Hair & Beauty stores). Open to personal callers only. If you’re VAT registered you can still reclaim your VAT!

Full terms and conditions here.

3-5 Working Days for Delivery