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The Face of Beauty in 2018

It's truth universally acknowledged, that we will always find time and money to spend on ourselves when it comes to beauty. So we thought we'd do a little catch-up to get you thinking about your current beauty offering.

The Queen of Salon Social

Do you want to become more social savvy? Sophia Hilton and her Salon, Not Another Salon, has become internationally renowned, with social media playing a major role in that exposure. Here Sophia breaks down what you really need to know, in order to survive in the digital jungle.
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Discover BC Bonacure

Every hair type needs a different type of care. BC Bonacure products allow hairdressers to transform their clients' hair with a trusted approach to hair care... As with skincare, haircare products need to treat each hair type differently, respecting their unique characteristics.
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Brow Revolution

Microblading has never been so popular! So we thought it was about time we shared our customer feedback with you. Read on to find out why this might just be the course for you and your business.

Festival Season - Let's Go Crazy

Festival Season is the perfect time for us to let our hair down and play - or rather, braid our hair, colour our hair, put glitter in it' there really are no limits! See what the industry faves have to say about festival summer style.
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Sustainable Salons: Perry Patraszewski - Blue Tit London

Hair salons could play a huge part in reversing the damage that plastics and other waste products have done to the environment. Perry Patraszewski, Director at Blue Tit London shares his eco salon tips.
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Sustainable Salons: Mary Alamine - Royals Hair

Australia is often light years ahead when it comes to taking care of the environment; here creative director of Sydney-based Royals Hair, Mary Alamine, shares their commitment to sustainable practices.
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Sustainable Salons: Karine Jackson

This Summer we're looking ahead to building a more sustainable future. We spoke to three salons to find out what they're doing to make their business more sustainable and responsible. First up, Karine Jackson.
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Get The Look: Travis Bandiera

We've got two very different styles for you to play with this Summer. First up, this super strong yet flippy cut from Travis Bandiera, co-owner of Royals Hair.
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Exclusive to Capital UK: Fanola Styling Tools

This must-have range of styling & finishing products were developed in the salon by the professionals to allow stylists to express their creativity.
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Collections: Alexander Turnbull, Sophie Chandler, Lisa Polini

This summer we really wanted to mix up our inspiration selection. Here we have three very strong collections that are inspired by three very different subjects.
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Making An Entrance: Mayfair & Grace

Mayfair & Grace, in Gloucestershire, has existed as a beauty supply store for three years, selling luxe beauty brands. Earlier this year, store owner Nick Good and Patsy Robertson decided to add a salon to their brand. Here's how Capital helped them make their first salon a raving success.

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