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The Queen of Salon Social

Do you want to become more social savvy? Sophia Hilton and her Salon, Not Another Salon, has become internationally renowned, with social media playing a major role in that exposure. Here Sophia breaks down what you really need to know, in order to survive in the digital jungle.

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Discover BC Bonacure

Every hair type needs a different type of care. BC Bonacure products allow hairdressers to transform their clients' hair with a trusted approach to hair care...

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Brow Revolution

Microblading has never been so popular! So we thought it was about time we shared our customer feedback with you. Read on to find out why this might just be the course for you and your business.


Festival Season - Let's Go Crazy

Festival Season is the perfect time for us to let our hair down and play - or rather, braid our hair, colour our hair, put glitter in it' there really are no limits! See what the industry faves have to say about festival summer style.