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Collection 1: Trevor Sorbie

Here's to a fantastically creative 2018 - and how could it not be, with these three magnificent collections? Get ready to be inspired by three big names in the hair industry. First up, Trevor Sorbie.


Tips From The Pros - Nergish Wadia-Austin

First up we have Nergish Wadia-Austin, who runs PHAB Business Helpine, a business solution service designed for nail, beauty, spa, hair and barbershop managers aound the world. She says it's all about asking the right questions.


Wella Medium Cool Colour Touch

Discover a fresh cut, colour and style by Wella and learn how to create the Medium Cool Colour Touch look.


2018 Awards and Salon Makeover

We pride ourselves on great customer service so we’re thrilled to have received two prestigious furniture awards this week! We’ve been listed as UKs No.1 2017 Salon Ambience Distributer of The Year and the Guild Awards of Excellence for Best Beauty Equipment Supplier.