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Tips from the pros - Steve Rowbottom .jpg

Tips From The Pros - Steve Rowbottom

If anyone knows success, it's Steve Rowbottom, Director at award-winning Leeds and Yorkshire salon group Westrow. He pins success down to three key elements...


Are you thinking about going freelance? Here's why you should

Are you thinking about becoming self-employed? We’ve spoken to Kirsty Watt, member of the Freelance Hairdresser Association, who has already taken the leap and thinks you should too!


Collection 2: Kevin Kahan

For our second 'inspiration collection' of the year, we're bringing you cool edge looks from Kevin Kahan.

Tips-from-pros- Jennifer-Linton.jpg

Tips From The Pros - Jennifer Linton

Next up, Jennifer Linton, Co-Director at Aberdeen's forward-thinking and award-winning salon Linton & Mac, says happiness is the key to success.