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This month we are putting freelancers & independent hair stylists, nail techs, and beauticians in the spotlight.

There are so many great benefits of working in a salon, but with industry figures quoting that over 60%* of hair and beauty professionals are now self-employed, it’s important to highlight this growing trend.  

There are many options for being self-employed in the industry from renting a chair in salons, creating a home salon or wanting to go mobile. If you are thinking of or have decided to go self-employed, having the confidence and the knowledge is key to being successful.

To help you decide whether going solo is for you, we’ve compiled a handy guide filled with advice, insights, resources and tips (from experienced freelancers) to help you understand the steps needed to make the right choices for you. 

You can view or download the guide below or you can read our blogs based on the topics you are most interested in.

We want to ensure the guide is informative as possible, so if you have any feedback please contact the marketing team

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As well as pulling together our guide, we’ve also teamed up with five self-employed pros, at different stages of the freelance career, to give their insight, recommendations and tips on working for yourself in the hair and beauty industry.  Great for both current freelancers and those wanting to go solo. 

To find out more about our freelancers, for their top tips and products recommendations, click on their bio’s below.

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