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“Working freelance has allowed me to expand my creativity, set my own schedule and ultimately provide the most positive experience for my clients. I have always liked being able to take responsibility for my own tasks and organise my own schedule which initially attracted me to freelance work. I think only having to rely on myself and being able to work independently really suits me. It means that I can fit clients in around my personal life as well as accommodating clients who wouldn’t be able to book appointments within the usual 9am-5pm salon opening times.”

What are the benefits of being a freelancer?

  • The flexibility that comes with freelance work means that I can work the hours that suits both my clients and me equally.
  • I only have to answer to myself which gives me free reign when it comes to creativity.
  • During appointments, it is only my client and myself in the salon which allows me to focus purely on them rather than having the distraction of other people working around me. I think this enhances the client experience. This was also a huge bonus during the pandemic as it meant that I could keep myself and my clients safe without having to worry about the measures and precautions that others might be taking.
  • I can organise my own schedule which allows me to properly prepare for my clients rather than having people randomly assigned to me as they come through the salon doors. This means that I always feel ready to give my clients the best experience possible.

What is your favourite thing?

My favourite thing about freelancing is the flexibility that comes with it. It allows me to work the hours that suit me as well my clients. Freelancing allows the healthy balance between my work and personal life that not many jobs can offer.

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