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About Capital's magazine

Our magazine is printed four times a year to match the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). In each issue we bring you the latest tips, trends and news from within the hair and beauty industry. You can also expect some fabulous ‘get the looks’, our top product picks and features from well-known professionals in the trade.

Now available in print, and digital, it’s easier than ever to catch up on all the latest, and the beauty of the Capital magazine is that it’s absolutely FREE!

Why we do it

As well as providing top quality products at great value, we constantly strive to bring you interesting and exciting content through our magazine, and social media.

Where to get it

If you shop online, we include a free copy of the magazine in every customer’s order (where possible and while stocks last). Alternatively, you can pick up your free copy in any of our stores, or read it online here...

You'll also find a large amount of content from our magazines in our Inspiration section, click here to be inspired!

The Capital Cut

The true cost of beauty - 80% of Brits admit to spending £1200 on beauty treatments per year

We did some digging to reveal the true cost of beauty, and what we found may shock you! A whopping 80% of Brits admit to spending £1200 a year.

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How does my home’s water impact my hair and scalp?

What effect does water have on your hair's health?

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5 skin-05.png

Skinician Q & A | Your Salon Facial Peel Questions Answered

Introducing Skinician. Skinican offer a range of professional treatments, facial peels and more...

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New Indola PCC

Discover the new shades in the PCC and Cre-Bold Indola Collections

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How do Brits feel about “cheating” on their regular hair and beauty professional?

Discover the results of a new survey on UK consumer loyalty to hair and beauty professionals. Nearly 7 million admit feeling more guilty about 'cheating' on their hairdresser than a romantic partner.

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Know your abcs-07.png

Know your ABC's - Winter Hair and Beauty Tips

The Tips And Tricks for Winter...

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2023 hair and beauty trends you need to know about!

The New Year looks like it’s going to be full of self expression and your clients are going to want to glow from head to toe. Read on for our guide to the trends you’ll need to nail.

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The Nail Trends Thumbnail-06.png

The Winter Nail Trends 2023

Hello 2023! The nails trends you need to follow this year are here...and we LOVE them! To find out what styles you should be rocking read more...

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Let's Party

Nothing says celebration quite like a new look! Check out these luxe party tips from some of the best in the hair business.

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Winter Glow-Up

Check out our top tips for maintaining your glow! Find out how to maintain your healthy skin in the battle against the winter weather.

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Fall Colour Faves

In a post-pandemic world colour is one of the key ways for your clients to express themselves. Read on to find out more on the ultimate Fall colours that will satisfy every single creative craving.

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How are Brits approaching their festive hair and beauty appointments this year?

We explore what treatment consumers are booking in ahead of Christmas, how much they are budgeting for their hair and beauty appointments, and how many of us leave it until the last minute to book in with hair and beauty professionals.

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Bring sustainability into your services with Indola ACT NOW! + 3 NEW Products

If you’re looking to bring more sustainable services into your business, then look no further than Indola’s sustainable care & styling range ACT NOW!

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Everything you need to know, Acidic Bonding Concentrate

“I’ll think about it”, “I’m nervous”, “maybe next time” – how many times have you heard your clients say this whilst they've been sat in the salon chair contemplating a color or a lightening service? Did you know that the fear of irreversible damage is the number one reason clients turn down a chemical service in salon?

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How to Master TikTok

Social media has become an industry staple when it comes to letting your clients know what you offer, how creative you are and what’s happening behind the scenes. While Facebook has always been known for its community focus, TikTok has taken over Instagram’s position as a visual communication tool; people love the intimacy and fun that TikTok embraces. Check out our top TikTok tips!

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Bold, Blonde Summer

Bright, bold blondes are a trend that’s always in style but there’s something about these new Summer ’22 blondes that’s hitting different now the world is opening up. Read on for the latest blonde techniques and trends and of course, the best care tips for at-home maintenance.

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