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Our magazine is printed four times a year to match the four seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter). In each issue we bring you the latest tips, trends and news from within the hair and beauty industry. You can also expect some fabulous ‘get the looks’, our top product picks and features from well-known professionals in the trade.

Now available in print, and digital, it’s easier than ever to catch up on all the latest, and the beauty of the Capital magazine is that it’s absolutely FREE!

Why we do it

As well as providing top quality products at great value, we constantly strive to bring you interesting and exciting content through our magazine, and social media.

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If you shop online, we include a free copy of the magazine in every customer’s order (where possible and while stocks last). Alternatively, you can pick up your free copy in any of our stores, or read it online here...

You'll also find a large amount of content from our magazines in our Inspiration section, click here to be inspired!

The Capital Cut

Beautiful Hair Moments From The MET Gala

The Met Gala is the Oscars of fashion, but you can’t make a fashion statement without the glam team. Check out the key hair trends we saw on the red carpet, and why they’re going to be perfect for clients who are looking for bridal glam or festival inspiration.

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The K18 ingredients you need for your cleanest hair yet!

Has your client ever asked you abour ingredients in the products that you use on them? Have you found yourself scanning the back of the packaging and googling the names and feeling a little lost? You're not alone. Ingredient labels are complex when it comes to haircare and contain an array of unfamilar natural chemical and biological ingredients with confusing names. We are here to give you the tools you need to translate and explain to your clients what is in the products that you use on them in the salon and which K18 products can help you achieve the cleanest hair yet!

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A Week In My Shoes - Yovanka Loria

Spend the week with Yovanka Loria, a salon owner and founder of a multifaceted global business, Yovanka Loria Extensions.

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Is K18 a Protein?

K18 is built differently... As hair stylists, we all know about protein overload. That dreaded dry, brittle feeling in the hair is not only an undesirable result, but any treatments you apply won't be able to penetrate deep into the hair fibre and work their magic. But don’t worry! K18 has got your back.

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Chantelle: Capital & Me, my self-employed journey & the importance of networking

Introducing Chantelle, a talented beautician, hair extension specialist and proud owner of ‘Chantelle’s Beautique’. We sit down with Chantelle as she tells us how she started out in the industry, her top tips for becoming self-employed, struggles she faced and overcame along the way and her favourite products that she can’t live without! My treatment room is based in my garden at home and I offer a full range of Hair and Beauty treatments specialising in skin care, brows & hair extensions. My clients love my set up and really appreciate the little touches like being able to park with ease and having more of a cosy experience away from the hustle and bustle of a busy salon. As well as running my own business at home, I also enjoy teaching others on their journey starting out in the trade with my own accredited courses at home as another branch of my business called ‘The Hair and Beauty Training Beautique’. You may also see me in your local Capital Hair & Beauty as I also tutor for one of their training providers ‘Face Forward’ offering brow lamination and lash lift and tint courses.

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Meet Sophie, owner of ‘Sophie’s Lashes & Beauty’ which she has been running now for over 7 years!

Sophie gained a wealth of experience working in the industry from her background working in prestigious 5 hotel & spa and salon settings which lead her up to starting a business of her own. We talk about all things beauty and the curved tweezers that she can’t live without! Hi Sophie, tell us a little bit about your journey and how you go into the industry and what lead up to starting out on your own? I gained a lot of knowledge from working in different settings from working with a big teams in a 5 star hotels and spas to smaller beauty salon environments. I gained so much knowledge from working in both settings and although it was hard work and long hours. I started out by working in a few different 5 star hotels with spas and a salons where I gained all my knowledges and experiences from each one to put together for my own business! It was hard work and long hours all the practice paid off. It was actually one of my clients I saw regularly in the salon I worked at that said I should set up on my own and gave me the confidence to go self-employed and I’ve not looked back since!

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K18 Biomimetic Hair Science vs. Bond Builders

As professionals in the hairdressing industry, we're well aware of the constant innovation occurring in our field. Our clients love to dramatically alter their look with the ever-changing trends and we do everything we can to prioritise the health of their hair. Bond-building treatments have long been a staple in salons to address this need. However, allow us to present the latest advancement: biomimetic hair science and K18! Understanding the Future of Haircare: From Bond Builders to Biomimetic Hair Science For centuries, the haircare industry relied on cosmetic chemistry to conceal damage. Historical solutions like oils and conditioners were designed to sit on the surface of the hair, providing a temporary fix by improving its appearance and manageability. However, these solutions fell short of addressing hair's health at its core.

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K18 & Your Salon Services - How to incorporate K18 Services for Ultimate Hair Restoration

Learn how to leverage K18 products in your salon services to reverse damage, fortify hair and enhance salon results all whilst boosting your salon profits. Discover our step-by-step instructions for every treatment, from lightening to styling in our handy salon go-to guide!

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What is K18 and how does it work?

Following the natural structure of hair, the biologically active peptide is considered natural. Unlike traditional bonding agents, it is not rinsed away by water or shampoo, making K18 a genuine and enduring remedy for damaged hair. Healthy hair originates in the salon, and K18 believes its influence starts at the salon chair and radiates outward. While K18 is suitable for all hair types and services, the most significant improvements are seen in damaged hair.

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From Money Worries to Family Drama: What's Stressing Your Skin & Hair the Most?

Have you ever noticed how closely linked your mind and body are? It's like they're always communicating, even when we're not tuned in. And when stress creeps in, it's not just your mind that feels the burden – your skin and hair can take a hit too. Stress, whether it's a short-term or a long-term problem, can be detrimental to your body's health. In fact, a recent survey by the UK’s largest independent supplier to hair and beauty professionals, Capital Hair and Beauty, revealed nearly half (42%) of the nation believe that stress has had a negative impact on their skin and hair health! Last year, Brits faced their fair share of hair and skin woes.Topping the list was the recurring issue of dry skin, affecting a significant 29% of the population. Not too far behind was hair thinning/loss, troubling over a fifth (22%) of us, while acne and breakouts are also a cause for concern, affecting 19% of survey respondents. And let's not forget about skin inflammation (12%) and eczema (11%).

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Something Old - Something New

Does the bob ever go out of style? Short answer: No. The reason for the evergreen appeal of the bob is because, depending on the length, it’s a look that can suit any face shape or hair texture. Right now, it can be anything from a short and swingy French girl bob, a luxurious long bob, or a razor-cut curly bob. For Tori Kiff, it’s about keeping things fresh with the addition of a fringe. “I love updating a classic curly bob with a fringe, especially as so many of my curly clients seem to think it’s a style they shouldn’t have. I’ve managed to show so many clients that it’s all down to fear and that actually, a curly bob is so flattering and easy to style; I advise them to use their fingers to curl their fringes or to use a brush when styling,” shares Tori. Of course, the most modern way to wear a bob is the Bixie, a hybrid of the bob and pixie; think classic bob updated with a fringe or micro bangs, or you could play with the Butterfly Bob. RUSH Creative Director Andy Heasman’s a fan.

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Skin Cycling 101

If you ever spend time on social media, then you'll definitely have heard about skin cycling, or skin fasting. During the pandemic, this three-step regime rose to popularity as many of us had more time to spend on pursuing our 'perfect' skin. Read on to find out the what and why of skin cycling and how you can build it into your beauty therapy menu.

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Vegan and Cruelty-Free Hair and Beauty: Simple Swaps and Recommendations for Veganuary

The new year often brings a sense of renewal, self-improvement and positive change. For many, this means reducing the consumption of animal products and embracing a more compassionate lifestyle. As hair and beauty professionals, we can support and promote this growing movement by embracing vegan and cruelty-free options. However, transitioning to fully vegan products may initially seem daunting. This is why, in this post, we will explore some simple swaps you can try in January that are still highly effective and recommendations for vegan styling products and treatments to expand your offerings this Veganuary. We aim to make embracing ethical beauty approachable and attainable so you can focus on what matters most - caring for your clients with confidence and care. Simple swaps this Veganuary Start Small: It can be overwhelming to transition to fully vegan products overnight. One simple swap you can make is changing your hair brushes and combs to those made from natural materials such as bamboo (link to bamboo page) or wood. Not only are these products sustainable and eco-friendly, but they also help reduce static hair and promote healthy shine. Another easy swap for your salon or personal use is choosing cruelty-free and vegan nail polishes from brands like The Manicure Company. Ethically made and with an unwavering commitment to being a vegan and cruelty-free brand, Zero Gel Polish is widely available at our stores and comes in a vast array of colours. These small changes can make a big difference

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The Greatest Night in British Hairdressing!

The greatest night in British hairdressing! Come with us to the Wella Trend Vision Awards. With more than 700 guests in attendance, the Wella Trend Vision Awards were a feast for the eyes. Taking place along the banks of the Thames River, overlooking the stunning London skyline, the night was all about celebrating the best in British hairdressing. An annual competition, the Wella TVA preparation started earlier this year with an online photographic entry and culminated with this prestigious evening where some truly iconic and creative looks were on display. Hosted by the legendary hair-up maestro Patrick Cameron, alongside Fergal Doyle (you can see more from Fergal on page 28 where he shares his ultimate social media tips), the night was packed with creative showcases from the likes of Wella artists such as Cheynes, Cobella, Francesco Hair Salons, Hob Academy, Lara Johnson Lifestyle, Nikki Clifford from NJUK, Simon Tuckwell and Stil.

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The true cost of beauty - 80% of Brits admit to spending £1200 on beauty treatments per year

We did some digging to reveal the true cost of beauty, and what we found may shock you! A whopping 80% of Brits admit to spending £1200 a year.

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How does my home’s water impact my hair and scalp?

What effect does water have on your hair's health?

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