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Staying Organised with Apps and Online Services in 2023

Starting your own business as a freelancer often feels like juggling an endless list of tasks. Fortunately, in today's digital age, you can streamline many aspects of your business right from your phone. As a solo entrepreneur, this approach offers the convenience of a mobile office, eliminating the need to carry a laptop along with your equipment. From managing appointments to tracking finances, there's an app or online service for virtually every aspect of your business. Let's explore how you can stay connected and organised.

Efficient Booking

Managing appointments is essential for freelancers, and several apps can help you with this task. In 2023, explore these options:

  • Fresha: Fresha offers a wide range of services to help you attract and retain clients, including the ability to create email campaigns.
  • Timely: Timely is an excellent choice for those seeking a community atmosphere, and it provides valuable updates, such as guidance on COVID-related queries.
  • Simple Salon: If you need robust reporting and insights into your services' performance, Simple Salon is a valuable resource.

For tracking your finances, consider software like QuickBooks and Xero, which offer both desktop and mobile apps. These tools allow you to record expenses on the go, simplifying the process of preparing for your Self Assessment.

Staying Organised

While apps are an effective way to stay organised, an increasing number of freelancers are turning to Virtual Assistants (VAs). Hiring a VA might sound extravagant, but it involves delegating tasks to someone who can be located anywhere in the world. They can manage everything from emails to booking appointments and organising travel plans. While it may appear as an additional expense, hiring a VA can be surprisingly cost-effective, and the time it frees up is invaluable.

Social Media Support

For freelancers spending hours each day crafting social media content when they could be preparing for clients, it's time to consider social media support. These professionals can be based anywhere, and all you need to provide them with is imagery of your work. They can then create and manage your social media content, providing you with a schedule for months in advance.

Top Tip: Consider exploring our Time Management blog or our Freelancer Focus Social Media blog for additional guidance and tips.

In 2023, staying organised is easier than ever thanks to a multitude of apps and online services. Whether it's booking appointments, tracking finances, or outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant or social media support, the digital landscape offers a wide range of solutions to streamline your freelance business.