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How to Master TikTok

How to Master TikTok

 Social media has become an industry staple when it comes to letting your clients know what you offer, how creative you are and what’s happening behind the scenes. While Facebook has always been known for its community focus, TikTok has taken over Instagram’s position as a visual communication tool; people love the intimacy and fun that TikTok embraces. Check out our top TikTok tips!

Here, Chris O'Riordan, Manager at ST4men in Killarney, Ireland shares how he’s managed to gain over 10 million views on TikTok, growing his account from 800 to over 25,000.

Keep it short and simple                                                                                                                 

 One thing that really works is creating short videos up to seven or eight seconds long as this holds the viewers’ attention. Unfortunately in this ‘always-on environment, people don’t have the time or the attention span to focus on longer, more informative content. But this can be a bonus if you’re pressed for time and just want to create something short and simple to catch the eyes of your audience.

Longer content is great for people looking for a very specific solution, such as learning a new technique, but the average person, day to day, is looking for short and sweet inspiration or information.

When to post

If you take time to look at your insights on social media (Instagram is really good for this), you can work out the best time when most of your audience are active on social, meaning they are more likely to see your content. For me, that optimum time based on my location is 9pm. At that time vast amounts of people are generally sitting down aimlessly scrolling through their socials – and I know that too!

Now you’ve got a captive audience, make sure you’ve got a good caption as it keeps people on your video for a few extra, and very precious, seconds while they read.

Asking a question in the caption encourages comments, which in turn pushes your content out to more people because you are getting more engagement on that post. Always be sure to respond to anyone who comments; it’s good social media etiquette.

The longer someone stays on your video the more the algorithm will push your video out to more viewers on what’s known as the ‘For You Page’ or FYP as it’s more commonly known. This is the page where your video could go viral!

Winning content

My most viewed TikTok on @chrisoriordanhair has almost 10million views over two postings. The video is of me taking a profile section; it’s just eight seconds long and shows me giving my tips on how to take a clean section. From that one video my following went from 800 to 26.5k.

Recently TikTok introduced Stories, similar to Instagram, where you share quick videos that only stay on your profile for 24 hours. I’m sure it can only improve on what is already a fantastic platform for growing your online presence.

Follow Chris on TikTok @chrisoriordanhair and be sure to keep up with us @capitalhair

Simon Townley, Matrix Artist and founder of Hair Socials shares his Top tips for TikTok

#1 As a hairdresser, we love sharing before and after shots and TikTok is the video version so get practicing and the more you do the better you will get.

#2 Always show your face because people want to follow people not brands. If you don’t feel confident showing your face, start with voice overs.

#3 Share as much information as you can in as short a period as possible. Show as much impact as possible in those first three seconds or you’re in danger of people scrolling past.

#4 You don’t have to make professional content but do make sure that you’re well lit, we can hear you and your phone camera is focused, clean and clear.

#5 TikTok shows you trending sounds so use these on your videos to help you get on the FYP and reach a bigger audience.

#6 Have fun! Show demos and your own hair or career journey, interact with others and ask questions on your videos to get more people engaging with your content.

#7 Recent polls show TikTok is still only the 6th most popular app at the moment, so you still have plenty of time to get that following high so start now!

Follow Simon @simontownley on TikTok