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How to Attract New Clients Using Social Media

Are you making the most of promoting your business through social media? Sometimes it is easy to put your online presence on the back- burner (especially when you're running a business). However more and more prospective clients are tuning to social media to discover new salons, so there is no better time to utilise these tools and become socially 'active'. It is time to promote your business and reap the benefits, and we're here to help you get started!


The power of social media is benefiting all businesses including the hair and beauty sector. There are many reasons why the modern client will turn to social media before booking an appointment with you. Firstly it gives them a chance to see the talent and personality behind salons. It allows an insight into the salon itself and a chance to see photos of previous work. Often new clients look out for offers, such as recommend a friend loyalty schemes and there is no better place to showcase these than on your social media channels.


Think images, think Instagram. This platform is the most photo-friendly of them all. With a selection of edit tools and filters, all your salon snaps will look their very best. It is hashtag and handle friendly so a great way to ensure your photos are viewed by the many.


The perfect platform for getting the details across. With text and images being popular, Facebook allows you to upload a photo whilst adding more written information. Whether this is an offer or sharing a selection of photos from a recent event at your salon. Facebook reviews are also becoming more popular. Encourage your clients to leave a review and this will help give new clients the confidence in booking with you.


Make sure every social media platform is linked. For example put your website URL in your Instagram bio.
On your website make sure those all-important social media logos are clear and easy to find!
It takes time to build an online presence, so set goals that are realistic and achievable. For example start with three or four posts a week and build up to posting every day. Remember something is better than nothing!
Do some research! Before you start posting on Instagram you may want to consider a ‘theme’ for your account. Do you want white boarders around all your images? There are some great apps to help with layout at design such as Instasize.
Be sure you hashtag your photos on Instagram. Look at some other salons accounts for ideas and to find the most popular tag.
See below our plan for How to Attract New Clients

  1. Take a photo of your Salon, making sure it is high resolution. We recommend if you have an iPhone, use that camera instead of the Instagram camera. You will get a better quality photo by doing this. Upload and say an interesting fact about your salon, maybe you have won an award? Maybe you stock vegan products? All of these unique selling points will catch the prospective client’s eye.
  2. Throw yourself in the deep end and upload a photo of a client’s hair style or recent brow transformation. Perhaps mention some of the other services that you offer.
  3. Show the gorgeous products that you stock and use on your clients. Instasize is a great app for collaging photos. Remember to @ the brand of the products too.
  4. Tempt them with an offer. E.g. £10 off for all new clients. You could also run a Facebook campaign competition which would help attract new faces into your salon.
  5. Keep them hooked. Encourage them to come back with a second offer. For example 20% off on your first visit, 10% off the next if you recommend a friend.
  6. Entice your new audience with before and after photos. These are always a great way to show off your skills and will give the new clients confidence in booking with you. Find a current client who is happy for you to do this and snap away!

Image source: Pinterest