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How training helps you stay ahead

Continuing education and training are vital to show your clients that you're dedicated to providing them with the latest trends and techniques. Staying ahead of the curve not only demonstrates your commitment to your craft but also helps keep your clients engaged and satisfied.

Why Training Matters

Training is essential for both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the beauty industry. Whether it's mastering lash and brow treatments, bridal hair, modern coloring techniques, or nail art, there's always room for improvement and expansion of your skillset. Adding new services not only benefits your clients but also increases your potential for higher profits.

For instance, when a client books a blow dry appointment, you can upsell them on lash tinting and brow lamination, providing added value to their experience. Capital Hair and Beauty takes pride in offering top-notch training through partnerships with expert training companies in various areas.

Recommended Training Courses

Here are some key courses we recommend for the upcoming months:


  • Gellux Gel Polish Blended Course (£130.50 ex VAT)
  • TMC Gel Workshop Instore Course (£85.50 ex VAT)
  • TMC Acrylic Extensions - Day 2 Instore Course (£112.50 ex VAT)
  • TMC Soft Gel Tips Workshop (£112.50 ex VAT)

Lashes and Brows

  • Marvelash Lash Extensions Blended Course (£130.50 ex VAT)
  • Brow Lamination, Lash Lift and Tinting Masterclass (£157.50 ex VAT)
  • Eyebrow Threading Blended Course (£130.50 ex VAT)
  • Salon System Brow Lamination & Tint Blended Course (£130.50 ex VAT)


  • Balayage & Freehand Colour Blended Course (£121.50 ex VAT)
  • Colour Correction Blended Course (£121.50 ex VAT)
  • Classic Cutting Blended Course (£121.50 ex VAT)
  • Curls and Waves Workshop (£121.50 ex VAT)
  • Keratin Smoothing Blended Course (£121.50 ex VAT)


  • Trend Bridal and Event Hair Blended Course (£121.50 ex VAT)
  • Classic Bridal and Event Hair Blended Course (£121.50 ex VAT)

Bridal season is around the corner, and it's an excellent opportunity to offer your bridal clients additional services. For example, if you're providing makeup for a bride, why not expand your skillset to include sophisticated updos or lash extensions? This not only increases your earning potential but also reduces the number of professionals the bride needs to coordinate on her special day.

Remember, if you purchase a training course before February 28th, you'll receive a 10% discount, and you can schedule the course at any time in 2022.

Invest in your growth and stay ahead of the competition by exploring our diverse range of training courses. To view all available courses, visit here.