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Mums, time for a new career?

Being a mum isn't easy; it brings many challenges and perhaps the idea of returning to a full-time job no longer appeals or works for you. With motherhood and maternity leave giving you distance and perspective to consider a new career path, Capital is here to help you get the ball rolling. Make the most of those nap times, work around school pick up and drop off and learn the pleasures of being your own boss. Whatever your situation  may be, a mobile or at home beauty business is ideal for mums as it's easy to fit around family commitments. Below are a few of our top picks from the courses we offer to give you a helping hand on where to get started. 

Caflon Ear Piercing Course 

Taking only 2 hours and costing only £18.50 this course is a steal, not to mention an efficient use of time! This course gives you a detailed account of the products used and how to pierce an ear. A complete and thorough demonstration of the ear piercing process is given and then students will practice piercing of the lobe under close inspection. Following completion of this course you'd be able to easily fit in appointments around family life. 

The Manicure Company Gel Workshop 

Learn to apply The Manicure Company gel colours and a French Manicure on this intensive one day course. This 4.5 hour course will give you the tools and confidence to offer a professional gel polish application or removal. Again, nail appointments are easy to fit in between commitments and busy family life. 


Eyelash Perming, Lifting & Tinting 

Our most popular course and a very popular treatment, this is ideal for the complete beginner. Lashes and brows are all the rage so utilise this course to master these simple but stunning techniques that offer a daily alternative to wearing mascara and using mechanical eyelash curlers. This course includes lashperm, lashlift & essential lash & brow tints. 

Marvelash Semi Permanent Eyelash Extension Course 

Salon System's Marvel-Lash technique offers a simple & effective procedure to thicken & lengthen lashes with immediate results that will last up to 2 months. This course is suitable for complete beginners & for those wishing to update their skills. Salon System's Marvel-Lash technique is one of the fastest growing treatments you can offer & will ensure long term profitability. This course along with the Eyelash Perming, Lifting & Tinting course would be a great basis to start a lash technician business. 


Sienna X Spray Tanning

Train with this award winning company on our 1 day spray tanning course. Perfect for those branching out in a new career, with no previous beauty experience required. This is a quick and easy skill to learn with the potential to make money back quickly.


Getting set up with the right tools:

All of this would be pointless without the right equipment. On many of the courses you will be given advice regarding what equipment you will want in the long run when providing that specific service, alternatively come into one of our stores and we’ll be happy to advise you. We sell a huge range of products from nail stations to stools to styling units we’ve got you covered at Capital.


When it comes to insurance…

Salon Gold is a market leader when it comes to insurance. They can provide freelance and mobile hair and beauty insurance quickly and efficiently for as little as £44.32 per year.