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The Nation's Pre-Holiday and Beauty Spending Revealed

The Nation’s Pre-Holiday Hair and Beauty Spending, Revealed  

For many of us across the UK, gearing up for a holiday isn't just about throwing some clothes into a suitcase and arranging transportation to the airport – it’s about looking and feeling your very best in the run up! Think fabulous haircuts, booking in for a fresh new hair colour, meticulous waxing sessions and those all-important eyelash extensions.

However, while these pampering sessions add a bit of glam to your holiday prep routine, they can also come with a hefty price tag, which may further ramp up the cost of going on holiday.

That said, our recent survey of 2,000 UK adults has revealed some interesting statistics on our pre-holiday hair and beauty habits, and how much we spend on these before jetting off on our travels. Spoiler alert: it’s not cheap!

How much are we REALLY spending on pre-holiday treatments?

When looking at the most popular hair and beauty treatments, it seems the average cost of pre-holiday hair and beauty treatments lies at around £161, based on the top 5 most popular treatments and their average cost – haircut (£28), blow dry (£29), hair colouring or highlights (£40) facial (£34) and a manicure (£30). This equates to just more than the cost of an average flight to the popular holiday destination, Spain (£160)!

Whereas, if you were to opt for the top 20 most popular hair and beauty treatments, you’d be forking out nearly £700! In fact, on average, this is pricier than splashing out on a flight from the UK to the United Arab Emirates (£637) or the United States (£643)

Topping the list of most expensive must-have treatments is Botox, with people across the nation dropping an average of £48 for that wrinkle-free magic. But that's not all – dermal Filler (£45), dermaplaning (£41), full body waxing (£40), and hair colouring/highlights (£40) are also contenders for the priciest pre-trip treatments, each demanding a pretty penny.

Before jetting off, a whopping 77% of us are making a pit stop for a pre-holiday hair trim. But while some are content with a budget-friendly chop – with a third (33%) of Brits sticking to a £20 limit – it seems we're willing to splurge a bit more on a blow dry. In fact, 13% of us are ready to drop anywhere from £20 to £50 for that perfect bouncy 'do!

Whether you're tightening those fine lines or sculpting your brows to perfection, it's clear that pre-holiday pampering is serious business – and if it means looking and feeling like a million pounds on holiday, who can blame us?

The top 20 most popular hair and beauty treatments are…



Most Popular Pre-Holiday Treatments – Top 20 

% Of Brits That Get These Treatments 

Average Cost 




Blow dry 



Hair colour / highlights 












Eyebrow shaping 



Bikini wax 



Exfoliating body scrub 




Eyebrow tint 




Leg wax 




Keratin treatment 




Eyelash extensions  




Eyelash tint 




Eyelash lift 








Spray tan 




Full body wax 




Facial dermaplaning  




Dermal filler 





Holiday Preparation Styles: From Procrastinators to Planners

When it comes to preparing for the holidays, there's a range of approaches to how early people start their preparations.

And there's certainly always a few procrastinators in the mix – in fact, a laid-back fifth of Brits (20%) leave their hair and beauty prep to the last minute, scrambling to get it all done just 1-3 days before they take off.

Then there are the planners among us, with one in five (21%) beginning their preparation a week to two weeks before their getaway, making sure everything's picture-perfect before their take-off. And for the ultra-organized, a further dedicated one in five (19%) are already in holiday mode at least two weeks in advance, getting everything polished and prepped.

Regardless of your style – be it procrastinator, planner, or somewhere in between – one certainty remains: holiday prep is unique to everyone!

Exploring the Holiday Prep Gender Divide

When it comes to pre-holiday pampering, our data reveals an interesting gender divide in both spending habits and preparation timelines.

On average, women are splurging approximately £166 on the top 5 most popular beauty treatments (haircuts, blow drying, hair colouring, facials, and manicures), slightly more than the national average. Delving deeper into the top 5 most popular treatments, we find that women are particularly devoted to maintaining their mane, with significant proportions opting for haircuts (69%) and hair colouring/highlights (43%) before jetting off.

In contrast, men seem to be more conservative in their spending, with 44% indicating they would only shell out up to £20 for a pre-holiday haircut, compared to just 24% of women. Additionally, while men tend to kickstart their pre-holiday beauty regimen just 2-3 days before departure, nearly a fifth (16%) of women are more likely to begin preparations up to a week in advance.

Generational Differences in Pre-Holiday Hair and Beauty Routines

 Our data revealed that age tends to play a significant role in pre-holiday beauty habits. While 43% of the older demographic (65+) opt out of these treatments altogether, the majority (85%) of individuals aged 18-24 embrace pre-holiday pampering, splurging around £159 on average, based on the top 5 most popular beauty treatments.

Surpassing the national average spend, Gen Z allocates more of their cash towards stylish trims, with over a fifth (21%) dedicating £41-£60 for haircuts. However, budget constraints become evident in other areas, with 14% limiting spending to £20 for lash extensions, possibly prioritising expenses towards getting a fresh hair do’.

While nearly a fifth (18%) of 25-34-year-olds leisurely start prepping up to a week before their holiday adventures, 15% of 18-24-year-olds squeeze all their pre-holiday excitement into just 1-2 days. Looks like there's quite the contrast in planning styles between millennials and Gen Z!

Which cities are spending the most?

When it comes to pre-holiday pampering, some cities really know how to splash the cash…

When looking at the cities top five most popular treatments against their average spend, it seems that Southampton takes the crown for spending the most cash, with residents shelling out an average of £238 on their top five treatments – talk about treating yourself!

Edinburgh and Newcastle aren't far behind either, with folks there spending £196 and £182 respectively. But not all cities are big spenders – in fact, Belfast residents are only willing to stretch to £115 for their pre-travel beauty rituals.

Top Five Cities Spending the Most on Pre-Holiday Hair and Beauty

  1. Southampton - £238
  2. Edinburgh - £196
  3. Newcastle - £182
  4. Manchester - £177
  5. London - £173

14% of Belfast locals admitted to leaving all their holiday prep until the last minute, proving they thrive under pressure! Meanwhile, Manchester residents are living life on the edge too, with a daring 25% leaving just 1-3 days for prep.

But let's not forget the Geordies, as it seems those in Newcastle like to plan, with almost a third giving themselves a luxurious 1-2 weeks to get holiday ready.

Our Top Tips for a Summer Holiday Glow Up

Whether you’re jetting off on your travels, or soaking up some rays in the UK, get ready to radiate all summer long with our essential tips to keep your skin glowing and your hair healthy.

Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

Exfoliating is the key to keeping a brighter, smoother complexion. But before your holiday getaway, exfoliation becomes even more important. It preps your skin for the best possible outcome, helping it stay hydrated and radiant throughout your trip.

If you’re not wanting to treat yourself to an exfoliating body scrub treatment, coffee, salt, or sugar scrubs are all fantastic options. Remember to follow up with a rich moisturizer to keep your newly revealed glow going strong!



Blonde Hair Survival

Sunshine can be especially drying for blonde hair. To prevent brassiness and dryness, consider a "no bleach blonde" approach this holiday. Opt for a highlighting tint, like L'Oréal’sMajirel High Lift, which achieves blonde tones without harsh bleaching. This will leave your hair looking brighter and feeling healthier throughout your trip.

Bonus Tip: Don't forget the power of a good hat! A wide-brimmed hat not only protects your face, but also shields your locks from the sun's damaging rays while keeping it cool and stylish. Ensure to pack one of these on holiday to ensure your glow-up lasts the test of time.

Sun Protection & Post-Swim Rescue

For a vacation mane that shines, prioritize sun protection! Alongside wearing SPF every day, look for shampoos and styling products with built-in UV filters, like the Revlon Equave sun protection range.This not only shields your hair from damaging rays, but also detangles and protects from heat styling.

After a refreshing dip in the pool or ocean, harsh chlorine and salt can leave hair dull. Consider a clarifying shampoo like Olaplex 4Cor IQ Haircare's clarifying shampoo to remove buildup and restore vibrancy.

Stock Up Your Skincare Bag

If you’re packing your bags ready for a trip away, don't forget to pack your skincare essentials! Here's a mini-guide to keep your skin happy and healthy while you travel:

  • Cleanse Like a Pro: Pack a gentle cleanser to remove makeup, sweat, suncream, and anything else that might clog your pores.
  • Toner Time: A toner helps remove any leftover residue after cleansing, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.
  • Remember Your Moisturiser: Pack a lightweight, hydrating serum or gel moisturiser with hyaluronic acid to keep your skin plump and dewy. Alongside this, it’s a good idea to bring a richer moisturiser to lock in hydration, especially for nighttime.
  • Sun Safety: Don't forget to pack your SPF for both face and body. Reapply frequently throughout the day!


By following these tips, you can ensure your hair stays healthy, protected, and looking its best all throughout your vacation!

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