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Is K18 a Protein?


K18 is built differently...

As hair stylists, we all know about protein overload. That dreaded dry, brittle feeling in the hair is not only an undesirable result, but any treatments you apply won't be able to penetrate deep into the hair fibre and work their magic. But don’t worry! K18 has got your back.

What is protein overload?

Delving beyond the buzzword, protein is a biological molecule composed of amino acids linked together in a long chain. It is naturally found in the hair, forming its structure and providing core strength and elasticity. When the molecule is too large, a build-up of protein can lead to the brittle hair feeling that we aim to avoid!

But you’ve not answered my question? Is K18 a protein?

In short, no. It is similar, but with a difference! The biomimetic K18PEPTIDE™ is the key to reaching the innermost layers of the hair and penetrating the hair cuticle with a short amino acid chain, also known as a baby protein that is just the right size and sequence. Since K18 works on a molecular level, the biomimetic peptide can target damage and avoid buildup in the wrong areas. K18 mimics hair's natural structure of the polypeptide (keratin) chains, yielding lasting and progressive results.

But I’m using K18 and my hair still feels dry and brittle?

If you're using K18, following the directions religiously, and still experiencing that brittle feeling, it may be a case of historic buildup preventing the product from penetrating and doing its job. Traditional hair products often focus on coating the hair to improve its appearance and texture, which can lead to buildup on the hair’s surface. This, combined with hard water, can result in a cement-like coating that makes hair look limp, dull, dry, and brittle.

Detox, detox, detox

For tackling buildup, the K18 Detox Shampoo is your go-to for a clean canvas. Removing this product buildup will allow K18’s biomimetic peptide to penetrate hair and promote core strength. A top tip is to make sure that when you use the Detox shampoo, you're not just focusing on the scalp but also working it into the lengths and ends.

So, when you feel that buildup feeling on your client's hair, make sure you recommend a Deep Detox or Chelating Treatment so they can fully appreciate the results.

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