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The K18 ingredients you need for your cleanest hair yet!

The science behind understanding ingredients - even tricky ones!

Has your client ever asked you about ingredients in the products that you use on them? 

Have you found yourself scanning the back of the packaging and googling the names and feeling a little lost? 

You're not alone. Ingredient labels are complex when it comes to hair care and contain an array of unfamiliar natural, chemical and biological ingredients with confusing names. We are here to give you the tools you need to translate and explain to your clients what is in the products that you use on them in the salon and which K18 products can help you achieve the cleanest hair yet!

How are ingredients arranged?

All products legally must list their ingredients on their packaging and most lists follow standards defined by the International Normenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI).

The ingredients are listed in order of the highest concentration to lowest. Any ingredients that are deemed "special", "active", "allergens" or "preservatives" are usually marked with an asterisk.

What about K18's ingredients? have likely scanned the back of your K18 products and noticed the ingredients list. Don't let the science-y sounding words scare you! It might be a formal name or a familiar ingredient. For example:

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate = Vitamin C

Here is a breakdown of the K18 Detox Shampoo

Here is a breakdown of the K18 Damage Shield Protective Shampoo

Notice how simple they are? 

The average shampoo has over 40+ ingredients and can throw the hair and scalp off balance. Ultimately, the extra ingredients in other shampoos that you don't need can cause unwanted buildup, which can be counterproductive to the goal of achieving clean and beautiful hair, they can also tamper with your colour results.

K18 uses just 17 ingredients that understand the hair, plus the peptide leaves the hair cleansed and refreshed. The no-filler formula won't deposit things onto the hair whilst cleansing, unlike most shampoos that also claim to add volume and curl-enhancing properties whilst they cleanse.

The next time you reach for your favourite product in the salon, spare a moment to review the ingredient list. Pay close attention to how they are arranged - this quick inspection can reveal much about the products composition.

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