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A Week In My Shoes - Yovanka Loria

A Week in My Shoes

Location: Seaton, Adelaide (South Australia)

Years in Business: Over 28 years in hairdressing. Openend own salon in 2017

Social Handles: @yovankaloria/ @theceostylistpodcast


Spend the week with Yovanka Loria, a salon owner and founder of a multifaceted global business, Yovanka Loria Extensions.


My week takes off on a high note with a trip to Sydney from Adelaide. My team and I are here for a two-day educational experience, but we're not just teaching - we're sharing and inspiring stylists with our unique extensions techniques, and I love seeing them get fired up with inspiration over how extensions can truly transform a women's confidence inside and out.


It's day two, and today it's all about how to prepare for becoming a entrepreneur and equipping the stylists to elevate their business game. We dive into how to scale effectively, systematise operations, and boost profits by intergrating high-quality extensions as a core revenue stream. But it's more than just numbers; it's about creating meaningful income with a lasting impact. We educate on how to avoid burnout, attract premium clients and master the art of delivering unforgettable client experiences.


Today I'm back home in Adelaide and back to salon life with a fabulous client, Breanna Mules - Sydney's very own celebrated influencer and fashion brand owner. It's a day packed with creativity as we collaborate on creating her dream hair. We've decided that we will capture and share the journey of her transformational makeover.


It's an admin day, so it's all about looking at the essentials that keep the salon and extension business on an upward trajectory. We also set time aside for a team catch-up and look at our marketing plans.


Thursday is the day that we step into the podcast studio! I co-host the CEO Stylist Podcast with my bestie Kirsten Harris and we started the show because we really wanted to inspire others to bet on themselves. Whether you're a freelancer or a salon owner, we delve into the successes and hard-earned lessons and occasional mishaps - that have shaped our respective journeys.


Fridays are dedicated to expanding our global footprint and enhancing our wholesale product lines. The day is packed with pivotal meetings, check-ins on manufacturing and our private label distribution partnerships in the US. We're also deeply involved in the creative process of developing the YL Haircare Line, focusing on elements like branding, packaging design and colour selection.


Saturdays bring me back to what truly centers my world; my family. They are my steadfast rocks. My husband and children and the people who ground me in the midst of a busy schedule. The transition from my office to home is my daily ritual; swapping my CEO hate for 'mum mode' and I find this shift essential. It's a reminder that while my professional life requires me to be 'on', there's equally a need to recharge and embrace the simple joys of family life.

Yovanka's Advice

Dealing with challenges requires consistency, resilience and patience. Every day won't be perfect, and there will be ups and downs. The key is to stay focused on the journey, not just the destination. Challenges, whether they're related to people, businesses, or personal matters, are inevitable. Rather than getting used to them, it's about rolling up your sleeves and tackling them head-on

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