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New Year, New Crème

By Nicola Chamberlain - L'Orèal Professionnel Paris, Wholesale Education Manager

Hair looking brassy? Need a solution? Lets first clear up a myth! Purple shampoo works to neutralise brassiness on all hair types? Wrong!

Purple will only neutralise yellow reflects for clients with blonde to platinum blonde hair. So here’s a solution for all hair levels 5-10.

Chroma Crème! A Professional range of shampoo’s to provide colour correction and care, neutralising unwanted warm reflects. Purple for unwanted yellow reflects. Blue for unwanted orange reflects. Lets take a look at how it works.

Chroma Crème is a range of professional neutralising cream shampoos made with exclusive technology. The professional tailored dyes help to neutralise unwanted warm reflects, but it is now available our most caring formula. This is due to the co-emulsion technology with 10x smaller caring agents targeting the most damaged and porous areas.

Purple will help to neutralise yellow reflects on blonde to platinum blonde. Blue will help to neutralise orange reflects on light to medium brown hair. 


The Chroma Crème range has a creamy formula that instantly neutralises unwanted warm reflects. This leaves the client’s hair feeling soft and providing it with a radiant and shining colour.

Let’s have a look at which of the Chroma Crème shampoos are best suited for your client’s hair colour…

So now we have the perfect solution to correct those brassy tones on all hair levels from 5-10, shop in-store or online at Capital Hair and Beauty