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Want to boost your business and revamp your salon?

Martyn Wady Marketing and media expert Martyn Wady gives us his top tips to improve, revive and refresh your salon business!

When times are tough it's easy to shy away from improvements for fear of straining your cash flow. But fear not, here are some simple ideas to boost your business, your services and your team morale, for little or no expense.

Assess your competition

Take a good look at salons and mobile services in your area – what they charge, what services they offer, how they promote themselves etc. You could even visit as a potential client to get some insider knowledge. You'll get ideas on how to improve your salon, plus see all the things you're doing well!

Review client records

Go over and update your client database and records. This is a valuable resource and marketing tool so make sure it's up to date. Once complete, use it to review trends, contact lapsed clients, target lagging areas etc.

Review your product lines

It's easy to fall into the habit of buying and using the same old products, but are they the best? Look at what else is available; you might find something of better value or better performing, or even both!

Team building schedule

Team building is crucial for good morale and should be more than an annual Christmas party. It needn't be expensive – go bowling, have a BBQ or picnic, a karaoke evening etc. You can also include creative and photographic evenings as part of the programme. It’s important to plan ahead and put dates in the diary so no-one misses out.

Marketing strategy

It doesn't matter how big or small your business is, it's worth looking at how you are going to promote your services over the next 12 months. Whether it is local advertising, social networks, client evenings, competitions, leaflets, posters, promotions or incentives, take time to sit down and plan a timetable and budget. The better coordinated and planned your marketing is, the more successful it’s likely to be.

One final worthwhile job is to review your finances. Your turnover may look good but how is your profit margin? Discounts, loyalty schemes and increased overheads can all impact your bottom line and financial stability. A review may highlight possible savings as well as areas of strong or weak performance.

Top Tips...

Salon spring clean

“Close the salon for a day or get everyone in on a Sunday and give the salon a good scrub. Supply loads of coffee and cakes then afterwards take everyone out for a well-earned beer and pizza.”

Client survey

“Find out what your clients like, don't like or would like to see in your salon. Ten or so simple questions that can be emailed, posted or answered in the salon. Consider an incentive for taking the survey and making responses anonymous.”

Team training

“There are loads of courses available, and sending team members on a course is an incentive and will improve your business. Look for offers and promotions from product companies and plan a schedule over the year to spread the costs.”

For a full list of courses at Capital Hair & Beauty, visit

Review service menu

“Don’t just update your prices, look at what you offer and how it's worded – especially colour services. Use fashionable, sexy terms and words to make everyday services more appealing.”

Review your website/online presence

“You needn't spend thousands on a re-design; just update your information, profiles, images etc. Also think about what you need your website to do and make sure it’s doing it.”

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