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St Patrick's Day nail design from Gellux nail technician, Julie-Anne Larivière

Gellux nail technician Julie-Anne Larivière has been test driving the latest nail art techniques and has created this spectacular St Patrick's Day nail design, featuring a four leaf clover, to coincide with the festivities. Her step by step guide shows you how!

st patricks day nail art

Gellux gel polishes are an innovative, light-cured nail colour that offers a longer-lasting alternative to traditional air-dry nail polish. Designed to apply like a polish but wear like a gel, the patented technologies within the Gellux formulation promotes excellent adhesion and wear properties, while still allowing for removal by soaking in acetone. Suitable for use on a natural nail, nail extension system, Acrylics or Fibreglass, Gellux polishes last up to fifteen days and are UV and LED compatible.

Step by step

  1. Prep nail and wipe with Prep and Wipe

  2. Apply Fast Bond. Apply Base Coat and cure.

  3. Apply Purely White and cure. Apply a second coat and cure.

  4. Create the four leaf clover using Spring Greens and a fine brush and cure.

  5. Add the details on the leaves using Lime Sorbet and cure.

  6. Paint the orange part of the Irish flag; try Orange Fizz, leaving a little gap around the clover leaf and cure. Apply a second coat and cure.

  7. Mix Spring Greens with a little Lime Sorbet. Paint the green part of the flag leaving a little gap around the clover leaf again, cure. Apply a second coat, cure.

  8. Apply Top Coat, cure. Wipe with Prep and Wipe and apply cuticle oil.

gellux colours

For more of Julie-Anne's nail art designs, visit her Twitter page @Juya_duranie89.