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Smooth Summer

Abbie Withers, Salon System Educator, Wax Squad Member and Wax Expert shares her summer waxing secrets.

Summer is finally here and the question all my clients are asking, 'how can I make my max last?' The key to a lasting was is organisation! Helping your client plan out their waxing appointments to fit in with important occasions throughout the summer is the best way to achieve consistently smooth results. This forward planning will also help avoid any need for clients taking the dreaded razor out of the cupboard. 

If you have clients that only attend a wax appointment once - just before a holiday or special occasion - suggest that they come in for two visits, one four weeks prior and one closer to the date, to obtain more successful results. 

Waxing all year round, rather than just the summer months helps to create longer-lasting results. Depending on the area and the client's hair growth cycle, recommend your clients to return for appointments every 3-6 weeks. 

Try to keep your wax treatment room nice and cool, as perspiration on the skin can act as a barrier for the wax, so be sure to have a fan in the room and blot the skin before applying the wax. Help clients relax by kitting your waxing pot out with the best summer scents; if hot wax is your go-to, try the Salon System JUST WAX Multiflex in Berrylicious, the pink looks great in the pot and the smell gives all the summer time feels!

For larger areas such as legs, stick to strip wax for faster work. Clients all want to be silky smooth after a wax and the Salon System JUST WAX Sensitive Gel Wax in Aloe & Cucumber is great to help soothe and hydrate the skin. The gel has a thin consistency that makes for faster application and removal. 

End your waxing service with your chosen after-wax lotion - a personal favourite is the Salon System JUST WAX Tea Tree After Wax Oil as it helps to remove all traces of residue. Tea tree also works as a natural antibacterial, helping to keep the open pores clean. Remind your client of the importance of aftercare, especially exfoliating, which helps to minimise ingrown hairs and to remove dead surface skin, revealing a fresher, glowing layer - ideal for summer! 

Finally, if your client is jetting off to warmer climates, explain that the freshly waxed skin must not come into contact with another heat treatment or UV rays for the first 24 hours after a wax treatment and they must use a high SPF to protect the skin.