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Ready, Set, GLOW!

You can’t deny the excitement of summer – smiles are wider, days are longer and your clients just want to feel good. Check out our update on the tanning and waxing trends you’ll need to stay ahead of to deliver exactly what your client wants. 

Over the next five years spray tanning is set to explode. Industry reports put it down to a diversified audience and it makes a lot of sense. The market is growing in two key sectors; men’s tanning, which has steadily been on the rise over the past few years, but more recently, women of colour are picking up tanning products. It seems everyone, whatever their tone, is wanting to add a glow to their skin and tanning has become an essential luxury.

Remember, your clients have been cooped up indoors for months which means they’ve missed out on those occasional afternoons in the sun that give even the palest amongst us a nice, gradual tan. With that in mind, think about your tanning offerings; a good place to start is to think of different depths: light, medium and dark.

Ideal for women of colour who have found that their skin appears more dull after working from home for several months. Offering a light spray tan will bring some life back into the skin and by adding some shimmer post-spray you can show them just how much they can benefit from a regular tanning treatment.
TRY: Sienna X Skin Finish Illuminating Mist makes skin glow and glisten and is perfect to use after tanning.

A slightly deeper tan is great for your male clients who don’t want to do too much. By offering a medium spray your male clients can pop in a little less frequently; just be sure to educate them on the take-home products that will help them maintain their glow for longer.
TRY: Sienna X 1 Hour Self Tan Tinted Mousse is the perfect way to keep colour golden for clients who like to build up gradually.

This is a great option for those clients who have felt they have really missed out on their usual travels. Think frequent fliers and the super-busy who don’t have time to keep up with regular appointments. Even though you’re offering a deeper, darker result, be sure to inform them on how to take care of it and to avoid looking patchy over time.
TRY: White To Brown Professional 16% DHA Spray Solution for clients who want a beautiful, rich, deep tone.

Here Lisa Stone, Waxing Expert and Salon System Educator shares her waxing predictions for 2021

Covid has impacted all sectors of the hair and beauty industry and the waxing sector is no exception. With long lockdowns our clients have had to look to DIY hair removing methods, and as much as we have encouraged them to avoid shaving, we can’t expect them to live with unwanted hair growth for such long periods of time!

Clients would have used shavers and creams and even home waxing systems, all of which would have made an impact on their hair texture and hair growth cycles and might even have caused trauma, skin damage – even skin allergies. 

As your clients return you will see noticeable changes to their growth patterns and cycles and you’ll need to work out regular appointments to bring hair growth back into a more manageable cycle. Think about managing and possibly correcting at-home brow styling and work on getting hair growth back to a soft texture that can only come from waxing – rather than the sharp uncomfortable stubble that shaving leaves behind. We also need to help build clients’ self-confidence and self-esteem back up as many of them would have had to forego their regular waxing appointments for months; never underestimate what clean, smooth hair-free skin can do for someone’s confidence!

There could also be some re-education for clients who have become complacent or comfortable with their DIY treatments and just need reminding of all the benefits a professional wax can give.

As summer approaches the most sought-after treatments will be bikini, Hollywood and Brazilians, back and chest as well as legs and underarm. Plus, your clients will be lining up for a good brow re-style.
Waxing and wax products have changed so much for the better over the last few years and companies are constantly looking for new improved formulas. This is true for Salon System as it continually works on providing wax products that don’t just remove hair, but remove it with ease and care for the skin in the gentle way.

As well as striving for amazing formulations it also works towards sustainability, recently introducing a new wax that has recyclable packaging and a line of vegan-friendly products.

This fabulous new hot wax is part of the Salon System JUST WAX Expert range and has a beautiful zesty aroma, low melting temperature with a soft creamy texture and offers superior client comfort with a fast but incredible flexibility. 

Right now we have some amazing offers on, with up to 20% off selected tanning and multi-buy waxing. Head to between 1st June and 31st August to take advantage!