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Our Top tips for a longer lasting tan

We know that we’re forecasted to have a short and sweet summer, but that doesn’t mean that your tanning clients have to deal with a short-lived colour boost. Here are our top tips to a longer-lasting glow.


Once they’ve fallen in love with their glow, your tanning clients are going to want to hang onto their colour for as long as possible. But a lot of the factors in keeping a tan for longer actually happen before they’ve even come in for their appointment.

First, they need to consider their hair removal procedure. If they’re an at-home-shaving-in-the-shower type of person, tell them to book in for a wax, a few days before their hols, or their tanning appointment. This will mean they will be far less stubbly, meaning, they won’t be scraping their skin with their razors and essentially removing their tan. Shaving is actually a form of exfoliation, which, conversely, is a big YES ahead of tanning time. Exfoliating and then moisturising the skin every other day, or daily, depending on their skin type, will mean your clients’ skin is smooth, free from dry patches and therefore more likely to take in all that lovely, bronzing tanning solution.

Tanned legs


Ask your clients about their shower routine! No, we’re not being nosy – we just want to know what kind of bathing products they use. If they’re fans of liquid gels, tell them to switch to creamier, more moisturising products. There are some great in-shower moisturisers around right now, and these, along with bath oils, will help prolong a tan by cleansing, rather than stripping the skin.

Once they’re out of the shower, they need to nourish their skin. Now that the sun’s out they should feel free to play with illuminating oils and lotions, and even try daily moisturisers that come complete with tan boosting ingredients.

Finally, as you have, hopefully, already advised them to book in for a wax ahead of their appointment, you should also tell them to steer clear of the waxing table for as long as they can, post-appointment.

A lasting tan

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