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Tan Goals

This week we're talking tanning trends with leading UK expert James Harknett. Read on to find out how James keeps his clients streak-free...

The main trend I've picked up on this season is the finish of the tan. I get to spray tan around 250 different women a month, and during each booking, I have the opportunity to ask them what their ultimate tan goals are. I ask a variety of questions, such as, what do they use to prolong their colour at home - what's the tan for? And what strength of colour do they most desire? A question that they often ask me, is how do I give them a tan that has so much more depth, leaving it glistening on the skin, rather than looking flat and one-dimensional. 

As I use the professional range of Fake Bake, the guide colour in the tan not only guarantees a streak-free result but also leaves a dewy finish on the skin. This look can be recreated daily by choosing a moisturiser, body lotion or oil that not only hydrates the skin, this protecting the tan, but also leaves the skin with a gleam. Try Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum cream or an oil-based body lotion. 

Make is last 
If your clients are heading off on their hols and they need a spray tan just before they leave, my best advice would be to tell them to keep their showers quick and cool. Tell them not to be too vigorous with their towel either - as the trick is to keep the skin intact for as long as possible. Also, advise them to find out if their pool is chlorinated - if it is, they should avoid it altogether, as it will strip the tan. Advise them to opt for an SPF in a can, so that they can simply mist it on, as often as necessary, and to take a mini container of talcum powder; they can use this inside the bikini to soak up perspiration before it strips the tan off. Finally, tell them to make sure they moisturise daily and use an aloe-based after-sun product. 

For the boys 
Male spray tanning is now 40 percent of my business. Body confidence and fitness are the main reason for more men taking on a touch of colour but they're also becoming more aware of the dangers of UV rays. The stigma of bad fake tanning is slowly dying and more and more men want a golden glow. Also TV shows like Love Island in the UK, are promoting tanned skin for all. 

The secret to streak-free tanning is good prep. Most women think that shaving before a tan is a good idea, but it's actually the worst thing they can do. Hair removal removes the dead skin cells which, is exactly what the fake tan needs to cling to in order to create a golden tan. Therefore, advise them to shave a good 24 hours before the tan; 48 hours if they prefer waxing. They should also exfoliate gently a few days leading up to the tanning and concentrate on areas such as around the top of the breasts and underarms, strap lines and waist band, as these areas can tan darker due to the skin being compacted. Before tanning, they should take a cool rinse and make sure deodorant and any older fake tan has been removed. 

Self-tanning should always be done in a cool environment preferably in front of a mirror, using a dry foam mitt. 
My top tip is: don't over moisturise, as it can dilute the tan and cause streaks. Only moisturise delicate, dryer areas such as the ankles, elbows and tops of hands and feet. 

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