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The latest waxing innovation - You're going to love it!

Top professional brand Salon System recently held a launch event at the airy Ham Yard Hotel in London, for its latest product innovation – and I was invited along to try it out first hand.

waxed legs

Salon System Educator Lisa Stone was the perfect person to talk me through the new addition to the popular Just Wax range OMNIWAX, especially as I’ve never been a regular wax lover! With 20 years experience, Lisa explained that OMNIWAX truly is an innovation in the waxing world.

For many years waxing pros have used either strip wax – known for its super fast hair removal – or hot wax, which can be better at encapsulating every hair for very effective results. OMNIWAX is the first hybrid wax to combine all of the benefits of a hot wax with the simplicity of strip wax removal.

This new innovation means that even the most sensitive of clients can reap the benefits, thanks to a lower application temperature, and the wax can be used on all hair types and for all types of waxing treatments, including intimate and facial waxing.

The first thing I noticed when Lisa started applying the hybrid wax, was the smell. She used the bubblegum pink Candy scent on me, but there’s also a fruity yellow Sherbert option – both of which melt to a pretty, pearlised formula. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never made regular waxing visits, but, when I lived in Dubai, it was pretty much a prerequisite – the women there were literally terrified of hair that appeared anywhere apart from their eyebrows, lashes and scalps! So, compared to the experiences I went through there, I can definitely confirm that OMNIWAX is a more swift experience. The fact that it’s at a lower temperature was noticeable, and resulted in far less redness than I expected.

Salon System Omniwax

If you want to give your clients the OMNIWAX experience, there’s a new Salon System Just Wax Speed Waxing Course; it’s a half-day course that incorporates both hot wax and strip wax techniques and will show you how to improve speed and efficiency. You will also learn about ear and nasal waxing and discover how to market and promote your business. So, what do you think?

Model shot: Tumblr