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The celebrity hair trends from the Oscars red carpet

We’re not here to discuss the fashion worn at the Oscars this weekend – although, who knew that washing up gloves would make a red carpet appearance, thanks to Lady Gaga?

Simply put

A striking Oscars look came from Reese Witherspoon. While not known as someone who experiments with her hair, we think this is a great example of less being more; it’s all about that beautiful sweep of almost straight hair. Sometimes, all your client needs is a great blowdry. Another example of how stylish a blowout can be came in the form of Jessica Chastain and her stunning long red locks.

Both Jennifer Aniston and Scandal star Kerry Washington kept their longish hair loose and undone, with just a hint of texture, which in itself is quite brave for the Oscars, an event that is usually better known as being the backdrop for many an updo.

Oscars 2015 hair

Up & Over

Speaking of updos, stars such as Gone Girl’s Rosamund Pike preferred to keep their hair out of the way on the night – which is a shame as we’ve been loving Rosamund’s choppy lob – set to be a HUGE trend this year. Instead the actress went for an undone, knotted bun, swept back at the front with a few loose strands adding softness. Sienna Miller also swept back her short cut that’s finally growing out, adding an off-centre parting and twisting the two sides at the front before pinning up. Another updo that had us divided was Cate Blanchett’s messy quiff. We love a bit of mess, and we do like a quiff, but can’t quite decide is this is just a little too high for Cate. What do you think?

Bold & Beautiful

Hair make up model

We can’t stop looking at Scarlett Johansson’s severe, edgy undercut. Yes it’s severe, but she has the perfect shaped face to carry off the style without looking too hard or masculine. The key to this style is the fact that her sides aren’t completely shaved down, which would probably be a little too extreme for any celebrity – let alone one of your clients – to carry off. She also has a decent amount of length on top, which allows her to play with a side fringe or build up a voluminous quiff. Even though it’s a tough look, it offers versatility.

Another super short look was Lupita N’yongo’s neat curly afro. The key to this look is all in the prep. Afro hair and curly hair needs to be nurtured, so it’s all about moisturising products that hold the curls in place, without leaving them crispy.

Let us know who wore your favourite hair look, and why?

All imagery sourced from Tumblr unless stated otherwise.