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The Raj: Step by step with Wahl

‘The Raj’ Hair Design by Michael Damiano - Wahl Artistic Team

  1. Before you start your design, you need to think carefully about the placement and consider where your design will start and finish. Patterns work well on darker hair as it shows off the design better in 2D and 3D.

  2. Take hair down to a level no lower than grade 1 and no higher than grade 2 to show off the full potential of the design.

  3. the raj step by step 1
  4. Use a Wahl Detailer. You get more detail out of your patten using the T Blade. It's a 5* series blade, the closest cutting tool.

  5. the raj step by step 2
  6. Start a freehand design using the corners of the blade to create curved lines and the full blade for straight lines, making sure it flows with no disconnection. Make it simple, it shouldn't be too over-complicated.

  7. the raj step by step 3
  8. Use a brush and comb and constantly brush away the hair so you can see your design clearly.

  9. the raj step by step 4
  10. Once you've finished the design, start fading around the design to make it stand out in 3D.

  11. the raj step by step 5
  12. Final look!
the raj final look

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