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Spotlight on: Skincare ingredients

As the nights get longer and the days get colder, this is the perfect time to boost your clients’ skin health with some super special ingredients.

What’s the buzz about CBD?
As more and more research links inflammation to ageing and skin issues such as rosacea and acne, CBD, or Cannabidiol as it’s officially known, is fast emerging as a brilliant antidote. It’s a naturally-occurring compound found in marijuana and hemp and studies have shown that it helps to alleviate anxiety, reduce chronic inflammation and pain and even insomnia. So, what does that mean for skin? Packed with antioxidants, CBD can be beneficial in treating dryness, inflammation, eczema and acne and an added bonus is that it won’t clog pores, like some oils can.

Try: Beauty Pro Natura Vegan CBD Oil Infused Sheet Mask £2.89 and Barber Pro CBD Oil Infused Sheet Mask £2.89

Get your Vitamin C
The benefits of Vitamin C have been written about for decades, from what we consume in our diet, to what we apply to our skin. It’s even been said to help protect skin from sun damage – but that doesn’t mean we should ditch SPF of course! Proven to help smooth wrinkles, Vitamin C is also said to boost Collagen, a vital building block for keeping skin plump. Production of it slows down as we age, so a regular dose of Vitamin C in serum form can help keep sagging skin at bay. Finally, another key benefit for many of your more mature clients is Vitamin C’s ability to reduce hyperpigmentation, therefore lightening any dark spots on the skin and keeping skin glowing.

Try: Kaeso Vitamin C Drops 30ml £8.25

Why Retinol is the key
Retinol is one of those ingredients that absolutely everyone can benefit from – it really is the key ingredient when it comes to any anti-ageing regime you can offer. Like Vitamin C, Retinol stimulates Collagen production as well as production of new blood vessels in the skin – over time this improves skin tone and evens out skin colour. Additional benefits include reduction in troublesome texture and dark spots. However, Retinol should not be offered to any pregnant clients; instead look up similar, pregnancy-safe ingredients, such as Backuchiol.

Try: HOF Retinol Advanced Brightening Serum 30ml £15.00

Smoother skin revealed
Charcoal is one of those misunderstood ingredients that can really work wonders, particularly for those with acne-prone skin. It has a natural, fine grit that makes it the perfect natural exfoliant and allows it to penetrate into pores and help remove dead skin cells that clog and toxins that affect the skin’s appearance.

Try: Pharmagel Derma Xfoliant 50g £14.00

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