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New season, new services – post lockdown

If there’s one industry that knows what resilience is, it’s the hair and beauty industry. It’s also an industry that enjoys incredible client loyalty. Now, with spending on nailcare, bodycare, haircare and aromatherapy on the rise, it’s important to review your service menus, to ensure they’re meeting the demand for Post-Covid pampering.

The eyes have it
It looks like masks are going to be part of our everyday for many months to come, so it goes without saying that women and men are going to want their eyes to look impactful while they’re the only thing on show.

For those who want their lashes to do all the talking above-mask, then lash extensions, lifts and treatments are the way to go. You can expect your clients to be asking for bigger, more voluminous lashes or just wanting a bit of oomph adding to their natural lashes. There’s already been a revival for coloured mascaras so you can fully expect this to cross over into your lash extensions offering.

As well as vanity, there’s also a wellness angle to offering eye treatments; your clients have been spending countless hours in front of computer screens emitting damaging blue light, so think about offering treatments that will hydrate the eye area and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

 Above the mask
In the beauty industry we often talk about how brows frame the face, but that’s also where we show all the stresses and strains of the day. So, you can imagine how tired and furrowed some of your clients’ brows and foreheads are right now! Think about treatments that improve the appearance of these lines and also encourage your clients to relax a little. You could mix a light exfoliating facial with some facial massage, or if you’re qualified, you could add in some brow-lifting Botox.

And then of course, there’s the eyebrows themselves; while microblading is definitely still an option, the trend for brow lamination is set to grow and grow. While the Instagram trend for ‘soap brows’ – eyebrows that are full and swept up to show their length, with an almost ‘glued-on’ appearance – is at an all-time high, brow lamination offers a more permanent approach for those who want to make an impact.

Zooming in
After months of sitting in on Zooms many of us are feeling like we could do with a little tweak here and there. Bookings for Botox are set to rise, as people are noticing how undefined their jawlines are looking and how their fine lines seem so much deeper via a laptop screen. Think about offering package deals where clients can come in for a dose of definition, whether that’s a series of facial massages, Botox or collagen-boosting treatments.

Feet first
While our feet are rarely on show in the aforementioned Zooms, that might be part of the reason why they have been thoroughly neglected over the past year. Show your clients that their toenails are just as worthy of beautification as their fingernails and compile a mini menu of foot treats that they can enjoy back to back. The fact that your clients have felt neglected for so long means that they are going to be looking for lengthier doses of pampering. Put simply, it’s going to be a while before they’re looking for a ‘quick’ anything post-Covid!

 Something extra
If you’re certain that your current menu is strong and ticks all the boxes then take a minute to analyse each aspect of the client journey for each service. Is there something more you could be doing? Are your consultations in-depth or just a quick 5-minute chat? Is your treatment room creating the right ambience from the second a client walks in?

Clare Varga, head of beauty trend forecasting at WGSN, says we are going to see a time where clients adopt a ‘pick and mix’ approach. This is the reason why you need to remember that many of your clients will have missed this time with you, so make it memorable.

There’s more
Have you checked out our guide to dealing with maskne? It’s definitely going to be an ongoing issue, so perhaps that’s another service you can consider when you reopen? We’ve also got a wide range of blogs to help you reopen with ease, and don’t think we’ve forgotten about nails. Next to lashes, nail art is going to be a huge avenue for clients wanting to express their style; check out our SS21 nail guide here!