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L'Oreal hair contouring

hair contour 1 As a L'Oreal Professionnel user, we thought you would love to hear about the new key trend; custom-made colour that enhances the appearance of your face shape.

How Does It Work?

Re-sculpt the appearance of your clients face shape using colour placement. By placing areas of light and shadow, the face shape can appear more defined and features more accentuated.

Why not try a fiery copper contoured look this winter?

Mix Majirel 8.34 with 5cm Majirel Mix Copper and 20 vol L'Oreal Professionel Creme Oxydant and apply all over the hair.

Lighten your selected pieces with Blond Studio Freehand Powder mixed with 20 vol L'Oreal Professionel Creme Oxydant and tone with DIA Light 9.03 with 9 vol Diactivateur.

Our Golden Rules:

Follow L'Oreal's innovative hair contouring technique to achieve flattering results according to your clients' individual face shapes. Features appear balanced and skin tone seems infused with a subtle healthy looking glow.

face shapes

Round and Square:

Wider faces should have hair lightened at the crown and the ends.

Diamond, Oblong and Rectangular:

Longer faces should keep a dark canvas on the ends to contour the jawline.


Triangular faces suit ombres and sombres, with a single centre highlight.