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Get the Look - Sporty Braid

Sports and athleisure are set to still be leading the way when it comes to fashion, beauty and hair trends throughout 2017. We love how the Rush Artistic Team added a beautiful braid to this fashion forward trend.

girl with sporty hair braid

Here Rush International Creative Director, Andy Heasman, unveils the steps behind the look.

Step 1

Firstly, wash the hair using a deep moisture shampoo and conditioner packed with vitamins to nourish the hair and promote shine throughout.

Step 2

When drying the hair, ensure you use a nozzle, pointing the dryer down towards the ends of the hair. By using the dryer this way, you are flattening the cuticle, which eliminates any frizz and promotes shine. Use a paddle brush to dry straight, with hair sitting in a middle parting. Blast with a shot of cold air once finished.

Step 3

The hair should be in a simple middle parting. Take a section from the middle of the hair, around 4cm wide, from the front of the head to the crown and separate. Take another small section on the left hand side of the hairline,around 2cm thick and separate. Repeat on the right hand side.

Step 4

Brush the loose hair into a simple ponytail, securing at the nape of the neck with a hair band. Separate the loose hair in the ponytail into three and create three separate braids of three different sizes. Secure with hair bands.

Step 5

Taking the top section of hair, create a large braid and secure at the nape of the neck with a bobby pin. Finally take the section at the front of the head and create a scalp braid, braiding as tight as possible.

Step 6

Finish with a simple shine spray and strong hold hair spray.

1. New IQ Intense Moisture Shampoo 300ml
2. New IQ Intense Moisture Conditioner 300ml
3. Head Jog Ceramic Ionic Pink Paddle 81 Brush
4. Indola 4+4 Hairspray 750ml - Extra Hold
5. ETI Turbo Dryer 3200 - Raspberry
6. Scunci Polyband Hair Elastics Pk75 - Clear
sporty braid hair products

Originally published in Capital Hair & Beauty Spring magazine 2017.
Imagery supplied by Rush Artistic Team.