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Get The Look: Ashleigh Hodges

Ashleigh Hodges tells us how to recreate this stunning look from her marbled collection, created at Jamie Stevens Hair, London.

For the colour, start with a classic balayage technique. Work through the head alternating horizontal and diagonal sections applying your pre-lightener nice and chunky to the edges of each section, and feather up through the mid band to blend. Once rinsed, towel dry and apply your pink gloss all over and leave to develop. For my pink gloss I used a pastel rose with a dash of berry violet. The cut is very simple; cut a blunt base line angling it slightly longer at the front. For the styling, take horizontal sections from the nape up. With the first section, wrap the curl to the left, and the above section wrap to the right – keep alternating throughout the head. My top tip whilst wrapping the curl is to twist it as you curl, to create a bounce and stronger curl. Another tip is to make sure your thumb nail is always facing the tong! Pin each curl as you go and let it set for 15 minutes. Softly brush the hair out using a boar bristle brush with light hairspray spritzed on. Shape the front into finger waves and reset using single curl clips so as not to mark the hair and spray again with the light hairspray. Let this set for another 10-15 mins. Once reset, carefully take out the clips and lightly brush with a blusher brush to control flyaways.