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Furniture Focus

Spring is in the air, which means it’s a great time to review your salon furniture and general interior to see what could be improved, or even replaced. Need some ideas? Check out our guide to our latest collection in store, and the interiors trends to look out for.

The Black Collection, from Capital
We believe in the highest quality when it comes to your salon essentials, but we’re also all about attention to detail. That’s why the new Black Collection had to tick a lot of boxes. Whether you’re doing an entire salon revamp, or you’re setting up your first at-home salon, we’ve got just what you need. What’s more, if you need a little help when it comes to budgeting, we also offer three easy to manage payments via Klarna, so be sure to ask in-store for more info.

Check out our must-haves…

The Richmond Chair and Wash unit
When you’re looking for exceptional value and great style in a salon chair, you can find it here – all wrapped up in one essential piece.

The St James Chair
A firm customer favourite, and it’s easy to see why. The St James Salon Chair features a modern, square design complete with a square stainless steel base with fully hydraulic rotating lock.

Soho Barber Chairs
Available in three classic shades of maroon, black and brown, these stylish chairs make the perfect addition to any barber space. Clients can recline at ease and use the height-adjustable headrest for extra comfort.

Skye Beauty Spa package
Ideal for the salon or spa and also the home salon, these two pieces offer beauty and space-saving ingenuity. The bed comes with integrated storage for your towels and a face opening for your massage clients, while the shelves keep your machines tidy and easy to move around.

Three interiors trends we know you and your clients will love!

#1: Outside in
Many of us became plant people last year and now the green-fingered trend is entering many commercial spaces. In the salon, the natural trend is all about offering spaces that give off calm and tranquil vibes – think less jungle, more chill.

How to do it: You don’t have to paint nature-inspired murals on your walls (although that could be cool) to take on the natural trend; instead opt for pops of plant life, dotted around the salon. Perhaps some big, beautiful Monstera plants (or cheese plants as they are more commonly known) or some delicate exotic bouquets around the reception area. Anything that gives your clients something pretty to look at while they wait.

Works well with: Salons that already have a neutral vibe happening via whites, creams, pale browns and greens. But vivid green plants also look stunning against more vibrant tones of aqua and coral, or even bold black salon interiors.

#2: All gold
Gold leaf is no longer the domain of a members’ club bathroom; we’re seeing it in kitchens, bathrooms and now salons! After the austerity of 2021, gold leaf really leans into luxury, and is a great signal to clients of what they can expect once they sit down.

How to do it: You can go as big as you want with gold leaf. If you’re truly loving the trend then paint your walls with soft gold or get a bespoke reception desk made and coated in gold leaf. If it’s just a hint of luxury you’re after, you can pop onto Etsy and order a gold leaf abstract painting or buy some gorgeous gold fixtures.

Works well with: Gold is that colour that plays nice with everyone; from clean white to graphic black, it’s the perfect sophisticated accent to any salon interior.

#3: Vintage all the way
There’s been a massive resurgence in vintage buying, from home interiors to what’s in our wardrobe, and the trend works so well for the salon environment too. The key to buying vintage is to always make sure you see the item in person, if possible. Online you can find stunning vintage lamps and mirrors, ensuring that each client area has its own individual feel – and you can even buy your chairs and sofas online too.

How to do it: The key to decorating with vintage pieces is to ensure you have a definitive colour scheme as a retro space can quickly become more messy than quirky. So pick two to three colours that you love, or be even more specific and decide on an era you want to emulate. For example, an Art Deco theme of the 1920s is likely to be full of black, gold and white details, while a 1950s theme is more likely to be packed full with vivid primary colours of red, yellow and blue.

Works well with: A brand new salon project – that way you can take a look at the bare bones of your future hair or nail salon and dress each area accordingly.

Remember, whatever you’re looking for, our in-store furniture experts are here to help! Pop into your local Capital store today and head straight to the furniture department or visit for more.