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Extreme Makeover

When Samantha Fitzgerald and Vicky O’Neil wanted to give their salon a lighter, cleaner look, they visited us! Read on to find out what went on behind the scenes with Sammy. 

Willow and Blush Salon Shot

SALON Willow & Blush  
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LOCATION Eastcote, Pinner

From The Ground Up

“Our salon used to be known as Zhuzh and was established 10 years ago by my partner Vicky, but when one partner left, I came on-board (it’s my first salon) and we decided to give the salon a new name. That was back in October last year, and by January this year we had decided to refurbish the salon, within two weeks. It might sound crazy but it was very important that the refurb happened as quickly as possible so that we didn’t unsettle the existing client base.

“It was a massive job and no-one expected it to be finished; we had clients ringing constantly – we diverted the calls to my phone – and they were all concerned, saying there was no way we  would be open and ready to go in two weeks. They could easily have been right, as we had so much to do!

“We completely reconfigured the downstairs, gutting and stripping out everything, with a complete rewiring. Cosmetically, the salon is completely unrecognisable from the salon we had before. Our vision was all about clean, clear lines and we wanted the salon to look very open. The previous salon front was halfway bricked up, so we raised the glass and opened up the other side to let in more natural light. We also lifted the false ceiling inside to create a more spacious feel.”

Willow and Blush Salon Shots

Budget Woes

“We did have a budget but we did go over! The building was so old so there were lots of unforeseen costs – every day was a challenge. It was great to have the Capital Hair and Beauty showroom in Hayes; it’s a great help to actually be able to see products and fittings in the flesh.

“Our clients are amazed and say that they love the fresher look, so I’d advise anyone who’s thinking that they’re ready to make the change to go with their gut!”

For more information, visit or if you’re ready to revamp your own salon, visit your nearest Capital Hair and Beauty store or email our furniture specialist for more information at


Words by Charisse Kenion. Originally published in Capital Hair & Beauty Summer magazine.