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Making An Entrance: Mayfair & Grace

Mayfair & Grace, in Gloucestershire, has existed as a beauty supply store for three years, selling luxe beauty brands. Earlier this year, store owner Nick Good and Patsy Robertson decided to add a salon to their brand. Here's how Capital helped them make their first salon a raving success. 

What was your aim when it came to the look of the salon? 
We wanted the salon to feel luxurious and classical at the same time with best quality furniture and fittings. 


Did you have a clear idea of the actual look, colour scheme, etc? 
Yes, right from the beginning we knew that, being an Aveda salon, we wanted to incorporate some botanical prints via the wall coverings, all while maintaining the concept of a luxury salon. 


What was the biggest challenge you faced? 
One of the biggest issues was getting the furniture to the correct floors. We are situated in a listed building and as the only way to get from floor to floor is via a spiral staircase, we had to plan everything right from the beginning. 


Did you have a definite budget in mind? 
We had a rough budget in mind and we did stay within that figure. 


How helpful was the Capital team?
Capital helped us hugely, we showed the team the premises and they instantly understood the look and furniture that we wanted. Quite quickly over a breakfast meeting all our decisions were made.  Top tip for someone wanting to revamp their salon?
Decide on the look you want and then get Capital Hair & Beauty to guide you through the process. 


What has been your clients' reaction? 
All our customers have been blown away by the results! Many have said they feel just like they're in a high-end London salon. 


Salon: Mayfair & Grace 
Salon Owners: Nick Good and Patsy Robertson 
Location: 2 Long Street, Tetbury, Gloucestershire 
Twitter & Instagram: @mayfairandgrace