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Father's Day marketing ideas for your salon

Father’s Day is on Sunday 19th June and it’s a great opportunity to reach a new market, showcase your treatments for men and to turn gift sales into regular clients. Read our guide to help your salon have ‘the daddy’ of all Father’s Days.

male pedicure and massage

Get Women Involved:

Women are the main buyer of Father’s Day gifts so target them in your advertising and mention Father's Day when clients visit you. Don't just run Father's Day promotions on 19th June, make the most of the occasion by running them for a week or longer. During this time, consider providing incentives for female clients to tempt them to spend at your salon, such as a discount off men’s treatments when she spends a certain amount on treatments or retail products for herself.

Gift Cards:

These are always appealing to clients as they are an easy way to treat a loved one while giving them a choice of treatments. They are also upfront payment for you so make sure you stock plenty and keep a stack in clear view where you take payment. Read our guide on how to sell more gift cards.

Retail Products:

Display all retail products in clear view, with labels facing out. Use posters or banners saying something like 'ideal gifts for Father's Day.' Put together gift bags of men’s retail products, for example, shaving cream, cologne and nail clippers, and make packaging look attractive. Find tips for selling more retail products.


Create the ideal Father’s Day packages by grouping together treatments that focus either on the client’s appearance (a haircut and shave) or on relaxation (a massage and facial). Bear in mind, a first timer may be nervous about coming into a salon so consider offering a treatment package where they can bring someone to put them at ease, such as a father and son shave package or father and daughter pedicure.


Many male treatments, such as haircuts, shaves and waxing, require regular maintenance. To tempt the client back, offer them a discount when they book they re-book with you.

Generate a Buzz:

Make sure you promote Father’s Day treatments, offers, gift cards and retail products on promotional signs in your salon and on your windows, as well as on your website, social media and flyers. Use language to show they will be the perfect Father’s Day gift for those who want to spoil their Dads or encourage them to try something new to look and feel fantastic.

Vary social media content as you don’t want followers to get sick of constant selling. Get your followers involved by asking them to share memories of their fathers and post content with dad appeal, such as retro hairstyles from popular films or dispel some male grooming myths. Click here for our guide to social media.

Don’t Stop After Father’s Day:

Men can make very loyal clients and the demand for male hair and beauty treatments is increasing, so to capitalise on this make sure men are not neglected in your treatment menu or marketing. They may feel apprehensive calling up salons to see what they offer so consider adding a ‘men’s’ section to your website showing your treatments and prices.