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Brow Revolution

Microblading has never been so popular! So we thought it was about time we shared our customer feedback with you. Read on to find out why this might just be the course for you and your business.

Here's a Q&A with Croydon-based Michelle Jeffrey Bailey. Michelle runs the Beauty Bay.1 beauty salon, and attended our Microblading course when it first launched, with zero prior knowledge.

Have you have your own brows microbladed before?


What were the main things you hoped to gain from the class?
I really wanted to bring up a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding of what Microblading fully entails. 


Did the class meet your expectations?
Yes, it was brilliant! 


Will you be adding microblading to your own service menu?
Yes, I've already gone ahead and done it. 


What was the best thing about the course?
The teacher, Michele Harding-Maher, and her amazing teaching skills. 


How else has the course impacted your working life?
I also now offer a free Microblading service once a month, for recovered cancer patients. This is only possible because of this course and I'm so glad that I can help people in this way. I am very happy to recommend this course to anyone else who is considering it. 


Here are some of our other microblading course trainees' thoughts...
I did my course with Jan in Wolverhampton. I had an amazing time learning in the two-day course. It was very informative, with Jan being motivating and encouraging at all times. I would 100 percent recommend this course. She's still there to keep in check with me regarding my case studies. An amazing course overall! Sadiqa 


Income - and self-belief-increased
Really enjoyed doing this course at Capital's Croydon store. Michele was very professional and has very good teaching skills that enabled me to understand, take in and remember the information given. Michele really helped to build my confidence and make me believe in myself. I have done many beauty courses and Michele is the most lovely and professional teacher I have had by far. This course has enabled me to increase my income dramatically and I really am glad I decided to do it, as I feel it's really changed our business intake. Karen


Wow what a fantastic couple of days I had training with Jan on the Microblading course. Highly professional at all times, I felt totally reassured from the start to the end of the course. Jan really knows the ins and outs of microblading and the aftercare is second to none: she's on the end of the phone if needed anytime. Lovely person and great communication skills. Natalie


I attended the first two days of the Microblading course at the Gillingham branch and Michele, the trainer, was really informative. I learnt more than I thought I would, and by the second day I managed to complete two sets of eyebrows, something I was really proud of. I would 100 percent recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn the skill - the fact that you get a kit included within the price is amazing. I can't wait to do more brows! Kaye


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