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Brow Lamination: The 90s Brow Saviour

In this blog our Training Executive Rosie will look at the brow trend that is here to stay. Essentially a perm for your brows, brow lamination gives them a set uniform shape for an extended period - ideal if your brows haven’t recovered from the overplucking trend of the 90s as it will give them more volume. This blog looks at what the treatment is, the process involved and training courses you can take to become qualified.

What is Brow Lamination?

Brow lamination is the latest brow treatment to hit the beauty world. It’s completely blown up on social media, and you’ll probably start to notice all the Instagram influencers you follow sporting the laminated brow look. The treatment not only tints the brows, but completely reworks them. It involves the hairs being brushed upwards and set in place, and can last for up to 6 weeks. It gives even the thinnest of brows a fuller, thicker look but rather than harsh, unnatural lines, it leaves the brows looking natural and fluffy which is bang on trend right now.


How Does Brow Lamination Work?

To start with, you’ll need a patch test 24-48 hours before you get this treatment done, so make sure you factor this is when making your appointment.

To begin, the brows will be cleaned so the therapist can see the natural shape of the brows and the direction of hair growth. They’ll then likely discuss with you what sort of shape and look you desire.

Next, a softening cream will be applied to the brows (please note this is dependent on where you go for your treatment). This softens the hairs so that they can be manipulated and set.

The following step involves a lotion or cream being applied which reforms the hair structure, and sets the hairs in place. Some therapists may apply cling film to the brows here to help them set in the desired direction.

Once this is done, the final step is to tint the brows (again, this is dependent on your therapist and isn’t always offered). You’ll then have them shaped to perfection using wax and/or thread, and voila!

Brow Lamination Dos and Don’ts

Immediately after the treatment your newly laminated brows will look super sleek and almost have a ‘wet look’. This lasts for about 24 hours (or until they’re washed) and then brows will remain fluffy and brushed upwards. If you prefer them looking glossy/sleek, apply a gel or serum to achieve the look.

In order for your laminated brows to keep their new shape for as long as possible, it’s worth avoiding hot showers and exercise for about 24 hours after the treatment, as this ensures the brows will be kept as dry as possible. After this time, you can get them wet without worrying about disrupting the new shape.


Brow Lamination Training

Here at Capital we offer a brow lamination training course. At just £150 + VAT, it’s one of the most competitive prices out there! We require students to hold a qualification in brow shaping (waxing/threading) before attending this course, but once you’ve got that, you’re good to go! A kit purchase is required, but this kit will not only see you through the course, there’s also plenty in there to take back to the salon and start using on your clients straight away. The kits are made by the internationally renowned company Henna Brows International, so you know you’re training using the highest quality products.

Our course is taught by highly-skilled, experienced and knowledgeable educators, and at just 4 hours long, it takes less than a day for you to train in one of the most profitable and in-demand treatments of 2020!

Brow lamination has been increasing in popularity over the past few months and is predicted to be one of the top beauty trends of the year. Whether you’ve got ultra-thin 90s-style brows and want more volume, or have thick brows but want more shape and control, this is a treatment that’s set to be requested by all types of clients again and again, so make sure you’re offering it now!