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Brow rules

Nowadays, we pay as much attention to our brows as we do to our lipstick. Here we talk about Spring brow trends that your customers might – or might not – be interested in!

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Brow Sprouts:

Yes, you read that right – brow sprouts are a thing! According to top industry brand Tweezerman, one of the trends we’ll be taking on in 2016 refers to those tiny little hairs closest to your nose, at the beginning of your brows. Most recently brows have become very structured and refined, so we’ve grown accustomed to tightening up those little hairs with the help of various brow pomades and shadows, but now we’re supposed to let them roam free, and be proud of our ‘brow sprouts!’ Can you see your clients asking for this look?

Bleached Brows:

Bleached brows are pretty much a staple when it comes to fashion week catwalks, but in real life, we only ever really see them on Lady Gaga – and that’s not exactly ‘real life,’ is it? However, one thing that bleaching eyebrows is great for, is accentuating your clients features and/or new hair colour. When brows are bleached and groomed, eyes sparkle and hair colour shines; just watch out for clients who have high foreheads, as it’s definitely not a trend for them to try!

Giving Up!

Although Tweezerman says there will also be a movement towards no brow efforts whatsoever, we’re not convinced! But we do agree with the brand’s comment that American and British women might soon try on the Korean trend of wearing brows super straight, with no arch at all. While arches can be created beautifully within a salon environment, many of your clients probably find they can’t quite carry off the right shape on a consistent basis, so we do think that some might opt to try a straighter look. Actress Jessica Alba’s already jumped on the trend!

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All imagery sourced from Pinterest. Browse our Pinterest Brow Beauty board.