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Autumn predictions

James Taylor While the sun’s out, most of your clients are probably loving much lighter tones that catch the rays, but what’s set to be big for Autumn?
We spoke to Barrie Stephen Hair’s Colour Director, James Taylor, to find out what which shades will suit each skin tone.

Most clients tend to go lighter for summer and darker for winter, but I don't think that should be the case. Colour can appear duller, and with the gloomy grey weather I suggest staying lighter, but to change the tone and intensity of the colour.

Very light blondes will lose their cool, silvery tones and become more buttery, with very pale gold undertones. This shade of blonde is perfect for fair-skinned clients, as the soft warmth will enhance their natural pale tone without them needing to go platinum.

autumn hair 1

On olive and deep skin tones, I would suggest mixing medium to light chocolate browns with warm ripples of honey and gold, and to add life to brown hair, freehand hair painting is the perfect way to add colour in a subtle, natural way.

We are seeing coppers coming through in a very strong way, as well as bronzed shades with hints of brown and violet to neutralise any strong orange tones. This colour will work with most skin tones and make every eye colour stand out.

Darker haired clients should consider softly lightening their hair with face-framing cappuccino highlights to add dimension, as well as injecting more warmth into the skin tone.

autumn hair 2

Golden strawberry is a close relation to the buttery blonde and great for clients who want to be on the lighter end of the copper spectrum with a warm, rich and rosy pink blush. It's a soft and romantic shade, yet fun and sophisticated at the same time – it complements porcelain skin and lighter eye colours perfectly.

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