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How to develop a winter skincare routine

Long days, late nights and over indulgence can take its toll on our skin. Coupled with the cold winter weather and drying central heating, during these darker months it’s essential to give our skin a little TLC.

Winter skincare routines can be quick and easy using the right products. Always start by cleansing your client’s face using a gentle cleanser and follow with your favourite serum or cream, depending on their skin type.

Encourage your clients to get into a routine and allow themselves a few mindful minutes in the morning or before bed to help them face the day ahead or unwind from the stresses of life – plus their skin will thank them for it. 

We spoke to Jon from Pharmagel for his top tips on skin survival this winter.

Winter skincare routine for dry skin 

For dry skin, there can be a temptation to layer on heavy creams, however these can clog pores and create breakouts. Instead, opt for nourishing creams, oils and serums which can be layered for extra benefit. 

To battle dry winter skin, we recommend cleansing with Kaeso Aloe Vera Cotton Hydrating cleanser . The aloe vera will help to calm inflamed sensitive skin while cotton leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

Follow the cleanser with HOF Retinol Advanced Brightening Serum which will leave skin feeling flawless. Retinol is often crowned a superhero in skin care - it’s one ingredient which has been proven to reduce the signs of ageing, as well as exfoliating and reducing acne. Skip the retinol however, if your client suffers from rosacea, psoriasis or eczema as retinol can worsen these symptoms.

To really enhance the skin’s moisture, we recommend using a facial oil like Kaeso Elixir Facial Oil before moisturising as this will add another light layer for skin to soak up. 

"Energise skin with a daily moisturiser such as Pharmagel’s DN-24 Hydra crème which is packed with vitamins and nourishing ingredients. It includes avocado oils and Aloe Vera for intense hydration."


Extra tip:
For added extra, why not try a face mask? Kaeso Balm Mint and Cotton Hydrating mask will cool inflamed skin while the cotton hydrates and nourishes.  


Winter skincare for combination skin

While combination skin might be considered more manageable than dry or oily skin, it can sometimes suffer from a dullness and dehydration. Get your skin glowing again with the help of this simple 4 step skin care routine.

Cleanse using Pharmagel Nourish Oil Cleanser. Contrary to popular belief, using oils on oily skin will not make the problem worse, instead it will help to balance the skin – perfect for combination skin.

Toning with a balancing toner such as Strictly Professional for Combination, which contains Witch Hazel, will gently free clogged pores, soak up excess oil and providing nourishment and rejuvenation to dry and sensitive areas of your skin.

To exfoliate we love using Pharmagel HydrOxy-10.
Jon says - “ it gives an extra exfoliation boost – this lightweight lotion, enriched with both Glycolic acid (AHA) and Salicylic acid (BHA), will smooth rough, uneven skin.”

Hydrate using a collagen sheet mask once a week will encourage skin elasticity, hydration and will help to smooth out fine lines. This will help give your skin moisture and life, in a season where it's prone to dryness.


Winter skincare for oily skin

Oily skin can suffer in the winter months from dehydration which causes more oil production. Layering light products can help to sooth and rehydrate skin without adding excess oils.

Don't make the mistake of using harsh chemicals on oily skin, which can strip the skin of natural oils, irritate it and trigger it to produce excess oils to rebuild hydration. Instead, start with a gentle micellar water cleanser, like Strictly Professional Micellar Water Cleanser, which will remove makeup and dirt without drying out the skin.

If your client is prone to breakouts, a retinol based cream can help to protect and stabilise their skin. We love HOF Retinol Day Cream which is great at protecting oily skin from damaging effects such as dryness.

Using a sheet mask once a week can be a saviour in the winter. We recommend BeautyPro Rejuvenating Collagen Sheet Mask which is great for boosting moisture, tone and balancing the skin, whilst reducing redness in dry conditions.


What to avoid

During the winter, when skin is dry and needing an extra helping hand, avoid slapping on thick layers of moisturiser, which can cause breakouts. Instead focus on layering the right ingredients for your client’s specific issues. Sometimes... less is more.

We also suggest avoiding harsh exfoliating scrubs which will irritate skin that is already suffering from dryness as this can worsen cause breakouts, or eczema. Instead, opt for gentle exfoliator which contains ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid.


A few extra moments spent caring for your client’s skin this winter can have it glowing again. These easy steps are achievable in salons and at home so clients can continue their routines after they leave.