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5 Tips For Time Management

Use time-saving apps

It can feel like an unneeded expense investing in apps and software to do tasks you could do yourself; like booking people into your calendar or sending appointment reminders. But think about what you could be spending that time doing instead? 1 extra appointment a week? Focusing on growing your business? Some much-needed downtime?

- Appointment booking

Clients expect to be able to book online and it can make you more productive overall – saving hours of your month on the back and forth with your client’s availability and your appointment calendar.

And with online booking you can be open 24/7, even when you’re having some downtime in front of the telly - turn your phone off and simply log-in to check all your bookings at a time that suits you!

TOP TIP: When picking which app to use have a look at the features that best suit you and your business.

Book in Beautiful has a ‘cancellation watch’ feature which lets customers type in when they are available and if you have a cancellation, they’ll get a text immediately offering them the appointment. vivify will get your business out there to attract bookings. 

- Finance and expense tracking

Software like QuickBooks and Xero all have easy to use phone apps that allow you to record your expenses as you go along. Every time you make a business purchase just snap a picture of the receipt and save. No more rushing as self-assessment time comes around.


Stop multitasking and start batching

Ok, so that might be blue-sky thinking when you’re running your own business but the more you can focus your time on each task in turn, the more productive you can be.

Batching is a time management ‘system’ that allows you to maximize your productivity and reduce distractions by focusing on one task or type of task rather than jumping around from task to task all day.

It all starts with lists – include everything you need to do and include downtime. Then add the time to your calendar so you are keeping your schedule free and dedicate your time to it.

You could: 

- Dedicate 1 day a month to doing your finances.

- Have 2 set days a month to top up regular supplies, and take advantage of our click and collect service for the bits you need in between – you can be in and out of our stores quickly when you’re already passing.

- Spend 20 minutes every day updating your social media channels

- Commit to a lunch break every day

- Check emails and reply 3 times a day at set times

Create a list of things you must do daily, weekly and monthly and be in control of your own schedule, save time and reduce stress and pressure.


Take your breaks – you will have most certainly earnt it

Our brains need downtime, it’s how they are built.

We are all guilty of using our downtime to ‘catch up’ on your business emails or post on Facebook but the truth is we’re more productive later, and feel less overwhelmed when we take a proper break. It is tempting when you have so much on but it is the definition of a false economy. Your concentration suffers and it makes you less efficient.

And whilst we’re at it, do not skip lunch! We can feel too busy to ‘eat’, particularly as freelancers and the pressure to fit as many appointments in as possible. However, eating something actually has a direct impact on energy levels. Give your brain that sufficient supply of food or at least eat a cereal bar to go with coffee!

TOP TIP: Remember to batch - set specific times aside to check your phone and inbox, and give your brain a break.

Treat yo’ self

Freelancing is hard and the workload can seem never-ending! One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to set up a reward system – kind of like a star chart, but for grownups! It could be as simple as a glass of wine when you’ve done your monthly accounts, a bar of chocolate when you’ve sorted your social calendar for the week. Don’t make the rewards too out of reach, the idea is to always have something to work towards, not to be something that causes you further frustration.


More isn’t always better

No is a powerful word, and saying it is a classic time management tip. It is particularly important if you’re a freelance hair or beauty professional who is in demand!

Taking on more work or extra appointments can be very tempting, even when your calendar is full, especially when you’re thinking of the money. 

Lots of people fall into this trap and make their workload more than they can bear – not only is this harmful to your well-being it can have terrible repercussions to your reputation if you’re rushing or letting clients down. 

And you just have to reread points 1-4 to remind yourself how important it is to look after you. You are your business and your number 1 employee, look after you as you would an actual employee or colleague.


By organising your time as freelance hair and beauty specialist efficiently, including breaks and downtime, you are prioritising your business and protecting your personal well-being. Everyone’s day is different, the key to success and productivity is to find what works for you. For more advice and inspiration, head over to