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Confident and Killing it

We’ve spent the past three months feeling a wide array of emotions, but for many of us in the hair and beauty industry, it’s time to get our heads around what happens next. If you’re in the UK, you’re probably getting ready to re-open your business from July 4th, the official reopening date from the government. While it might be easy to ensure you’re fully stocked up and your staff are ready to come back, at the back of your mind there could be plenty of niggling doubts; what if I can’t make it back? What if the struggle has only just begun? Charisse Kenion spoke with London-based Confidence Coach Tiwa Ogunlesi, founder of Confident and Killing It, to get some tips guaranteed to get you ready.

Tiwa Ogunlesi Confident and Killing it

Knowing yourself and why video is the way forward

Before you start a business, you need to know yourself. You need to know your strengths, your interests and your values – that’s the only way to build a successful business that brings you joy. A lot of times people look at what others are doing and they forget what makes them happy.

I see a lot of people not knowing what their strengths are, but if you’re able to get your passions and strengths aligned that’s when you can create something truly unique.

Also, a lot of people cannot bear to see a video of themselves, and it’s so important in getting your brand out there! Human to human connection is the future of business so if you can’t get out there and form a connection with your community by talking to them, you’re not going make it. You have something important to bring to the world; if you care about your business, why are you so afraid to talk about it?

Don’t make assumptions

You’re getting cancellations left, right and centre and people have no budget so it’s easy to slip into that mindset of lack. We tell ourselves ‘people don’t have the money, I shouldn’t be selling something, it makes me look greedy.’ But actually, who am I to say what people choose to spend their money on?

If people are going to spend money on takeout, why wouldn’t they spend it on their hair, or improving their confidence? Don’t assume the worst outcome – I think that’s been a key effect of what Covid has done. But why practice for the worst outcome? Ask yourself; what if I learn how much energy I can bring, how successful I can be? Assume the best outcome! 

Daily tips to getting your confidence back

Be intentional: You need to be intentional about your positive emotions. You’re not on auto-pilot, you want to make yourself feel energized so get your emotions and thoughts in the positive zone.

Journaling: I’ve got really good at journaling and it really helps me articulate my emotions. The news can be triggering so being able to grab a journal and just write down how you feel really helps. You’re never going to be feeling 100 percent, 100 percent of the time, so just ask yourself: ‘what am I feeling right now?’ Acknowledge what you feel so you can move past it. The key is to not get stuck in your negative emotions. By putting it on a piece of paper, you can look at it and challenge it.

Move your body: We have so much built-up energy so if we don’t dance or workout or release it somewhere, it can end up turning into something negative. Meditation also really helps, as well as spending time visualizing the outcome that you want. Give yourself just 10 minutes to pause and think of nothing else but the positive things that you want in life.

 Stay connected: Finally, make sure you’re still connecting with people; talk to your clients, check in with them. This isn’t the time to go cold turkey - do the best you can to maintain that community spirit, so that when they do want to shop and get back out there, they remember you, and come back to you.

Tiwa has one last statement for you: You’ve made it this far, through X amount of weeks of quarantine: now it’s time to go out and live your best life! No more holding back, no more negativity.

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