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You're Not Alone

In 2017 the Marmalade Trust started Loneliness Awareness Week (LAW), to raise awareness of how we acknowledge loneliness. It's about reducing the stigma of loneliness, which is something that can definitely be felt when you're a freelancer in the hair and beauty business. Today marks the start of LAW, and here's how you can get involved. 

What can you do? 

Get Real 
Are there some areas in your business that you feel you can't cope with - or simply don't have the time for? Sometimes there can be that one thing that's nagging away at us, so sharing what it is, with peers or family and friends, can be a big help. Talking it out can help you find a solution - whether it's an app you hadn't thought about, or a skilled professional that can help. 

Get Social
Facebook, and other social media platforms, can help give a real feeling of community. Facebook in particular has pages specific to your exact needs and background, where you'll find many like-minded people who could be going through exactly the same challenges as you are. It's okay to be lonely, but you might just want to have a conversation about it sometimes. 

Get Organised
Arrange a local meet-up of your fellow hairdressers, nail techs, massage therapists - anyone who's a freelancer, like you! This week over 500 events are taking place to spread awareness about feeling lonely. If you want to try something close to home, perhaps go to a games night, organise a picnic, or just grab a coffee with your fellow freelancers. If you need any other ideas, head to today. You can also find them on Instagram @marmalade_trust and check out the hashtag #LetsTalkLoneliness.