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Winter weddings

Many brides dream of getting married in the winter – all that snow and the magic of Christmas approaching! Here we talk trends, as well as prep.

Prep and Prime

Before the big day, before the makeup trial, it’s all about the prep. Winter weddings often mean more vibrant lips or eyes for many brides, but going to all the effort of creating the perfect red lip or smoky eye means nothing if the skin surrounding it is dry and parched. Winter brings with it a whole new range of skin challenges; increased sensitivity, central heating at home and work and drizzly, or icy cold weather outside, can all wreak havoc on skin. Add to this any hormonal changes due to stresses of the approaching big day, and it’s easy to see why prep is so important in order to make a winter bride feel her absolute best.

Around three months to six weeks ahead of the wedding day, encourage your clients to pamper their skin with a weekly series of facials that are tailored to their needs; winter can bring out rosacea as well as the appearance of fine lines, and it can also aggravate sensitive or acne-prone skin, so it’s vital toaddress each individual clients’ issues.

As well as regular facials, take a look at your clients’ current facial regime; do they need to ditch their toners in favour of more moisturising, plumping products?

winter wedding facial

The Final Canvas

A great way to keep your bride’s skin glowing on the day is to ditch powders for cream formulas. Creamy blushers and highlighters not only look natural, but they’re super easy to top up throughout the day if your bridesheds a few tears! You can up the hydration by applying a sheet mask first – they’re an amazing way to give the skin an immediately noticeable boost.

When it comes to the overall look, a classic way to keep things fresh is to create a flawless base but add impact via a cherry red or berry-toned lip. Some brides might prefer a smoky eye or a retro flicked eyeliner in order to stand out, while others just want to look perfect in the most natural-looking way possible. A touch of bronzer is fine, but ask your bride if many of the photos will be taken outside, as winter weather often means more blue-toned lighting, and that can be a no-no when it comes to orange-toned makeup.

Finally, make sure you use waterproof formulas when it comes to eyeliners and mascara, again, just in case a few tears are shed…

winter wedding hair

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