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Why going short is the thing this spring

They say it takes two to make a trend, but the amount of celebs opting to go short is way beyond that. Here we discuss the key things to consider when a client wants to go short.

Jennifer Lawrence pixie hair

When a client wants to go short, whatever her current hair length, you need to consider her face shape. Thankfully, the current trend for a lob – long bob – is a great segue into going short, and has become known as a suits-all style. Those with longer faces – triangle, diamond and oval – should steer clear of any style that is going to add more length, so even a lob should finish above chin level. A fringe is really helpful for those with this shape face, as it will soften any angles, while those with rounder faces should steer clear of fringes and instead opt for texture and height, just like Jennifer Lawrence’s cute grown-out pixie.

Rita Ora short hair

Are they sure?

Once it’s gone, that hair is getting swept away, so it’s vitally important to ask your client if short is really what they want. Have they considered the upkeep? It’s a common misconception that having half as much hair equates to less time styling, but it’s actually not true. There’s no more hiding behind a ponytail or topknot; instead, short hair requires a bevy of texturising products, and, depending on the hair texture, might require more regular blowdrying and heat straightening.

The final touch

Clients going shorter will almost always have to rethink their colour. Highlights that once worked on long hair, will undoubtedly look messy and choppy once that client opts for a pixie cut. Talk through colour options ahead of time; that way you can tell your client to put aside a day to get everything done at once. If you’re in-salon and working with a colour technician, this is a great way for you to bounce ideas off one another, and make the client feel truly happy to make this bold move.

What are your top tips for consulting a client who wants to go short? Let us know over on our Facebook page!

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