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Wella expressive colour service

how expressive colour expertise drives your salon business Wella expressive colour service get into fashion forward colour - Younger clients are at the gateway to a life of colour in your salon chair. They look at you as a fashion guide and expert to create colour that expresses their point of view, their musical alliances or creative influences. They want their individual colour to be noticed and admired but it could be that from one week to the next they want a completely different look. Fashion-savvy young clients, may be reluctant to colour for price and maintenance purposes but would jump at the chance of a fashion forward, low-commitment look. And that's where your expertise in consulting comes in - guiding clients in their first steps into colour. Make your salon the go-to place for colour and style consultation and she'll come back more and more often to get the latest on-trend. Why a colourist/salon needs to capture young clients: The different aspirations for your clients: Offer the hidden twist look as an expressive colour service.

Learn how to create the look.