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Two brilliant 'Get The Looks' from blogger Kelly G

We continue our bridal focus with the help of hair blogger and hairdresser Kelly G – choose from a braided look or knotted style.

The braided bun

braided bun

Section hair from ear to ear and clip the front part of the hair. Take the remaining hair and split into two, leaving a top and bottom. Clip the top part out of the way. Secure a Hair Tools UPDO Pad with Clip – one that is close in tone to the bride’s own hair colour –  in between the two sections, so it sits between the top and bottom. Begin to loop and pin the bottom section of hair onto the pad, making sure all the pad is covered.

knot teddo

Next, take the top section and backcomb it; spray lightly with IQ Hairspray and twist the top section up and in on itself, creating volume at the crown. Use grips in a zig-zag pattern to hold. Use the top section lengths to pin around the pad in loose waves and curls.

Using the three-strand technique, plait the front sections and pin into the bun. Loosen the plaits with your fingers for a thicker, more relaxed finish.

Frame the face with some curled tendrils for the perfect romantic updo and finish with TIGI Catwalk Camera Ready Shine Spray to enhance the colour and style.

braided bun 1 braided bun 2 braided bun 3 braided bun 4 braided bun 5 braided bun 6

The knotted updo

Section hair in two, from ear to ear at the back of the head. Clip the top section. Secure a Hair Tools UPDO Pad with Clip between the two sections. 

Take a small section from the right of the bottom section and split into two. Loosely knot, and add more hair to the hair left loose. Work from right to left until the bottom section is loosely knotted. Then pin onto the hair pad. Take the top section and backcomb, spraying lightly with IQ Hairspray. Find the suitable height required and pin to hold.

Gently pull tendrils to frame the face, and curl if needed. Add an accessory to finish and use some hairspray to hold – this is a great flower girl look too, just weave some ribbons in and out of the knots.

knot teddo 1 knot teddo 2 knot teddo 3 knot teddo 4 knot teddo 5

What you will need

kelly g products
  1. IQ Hairspray 750ml
  2. TIGI Catwalk Camera Ready Shine Spray
  3. Hair Tools UPDO Pad with Clip
  4. Hair Tools Pins & Grips Session Kit
  5. Denman D91 Dress Out Brush

Hair by Kelly Louise Gay

Blog: Hair advice and all things nice
Facebook: Hair Advice & All Things Nice
Twitter: @KLGhair
Instagram: klghair
YouTube: Kelly G