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Top 3 nail trends for right now

Browse through Pinterest, Instagram and even Facebook, and you’ll see the most talked-about nail trends are hologram nails, chrome/mirror shine and of course, glitter. It must be that time of year!

Unicorn Status

Hologram nails are the one trend that seems to tempt every single woman who has ever painted her nails. Maybe it’s our inner 10 year old, but there’s something about the colour play of rainbow-like shades that change time and time again, depending on the light source. For clients who live by the whole ‘more is more’ ethos, the holographic trend works amazingly well as a base for blingy embellishment. This trend looks great applied on every nail, but it also works as a statement nail combined with creamy pastel tones. Make sure you pick up Sinful's Holographic Nail Powder today!

Best for: Longer nails, so that the effect can be seen at its fullest.

holographic nails

All That Glitters

Glitter is the perfect go-to for pretty much any festive occasion: from Halloween to New Year’s Eve. Whether it’s an all-over look, a statement nail (but let’s please ditch the ring finger for a while!) or you’re working with multiple layers, glitter works for just about anyone. Play with pastels or go deep and dark with blacks and plums – a key trend for winter. And don’t forget to check out our full range of nail glitters here!

Best for: Those with shorter nails who want a bit of sparkle for the festive period.

glitter nails

In The Mirror

Chrome nails were created to emulate the mirror-like finish that cars are usually given. It’s an incredibly high-shine finish that looks amazing on nails of any length. Most chrome effects are usually achieved by first choosing a base colour, before applying a mirror powder on the top. The results are truly stunning, and it’s quite mesmerising to watch the application process. Our fave combinations range from a base of black to a pretty rose pink. Sinful’s PROshine Mirror Powder creates a beautiful silver mirror effect. Use it on top of different colours to change the shade of silver.

Best for: Any length of nails – who doesn’t love a set of portable mirrors?

chrome nails

All imagery via Pinterest