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Tips From The Pros - Steve Rowbottom

If anyone knows success, it's Steve Rowbottom, Director at award-winning Leeds and Yorkshire salon group Westrow. He pins success down to three key elements...

"When it comes to education, you have to speculate to accumulate and it's an investment that, when executed correctly, can pay huge dividends in business. As Nelson Mandela once said: education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world", and in the world of hairdressing, training is imperative to keep it revolving, as well as evolving." 

"Hire the right people; it's important to surround yourselves with the right people, who share your passion and beliefs and who have an enthusiasm for the craft. Energy and enthusiasm go a long way in driving any business, but forward planning, flexibility and adaptability are also key to make sure things run smoothly." 

"As a business owner, on any given day you can be dealing with people with a variety interests, wants and needs. This can be challenging, but it's important to stay motivated by your mission of creating a unique workspace that keeps your team pushing to achieve even more than before. To allow this to happen, I believe it's important to motivate individuals rather than teams, working from the top level, so managers and/or franchisees can in turn motivate their teams to achieve and succeed, allowing standards to be upheld within all levels of your business. These relationships need to be continually nurtured; at Westrow our philosophy on motivation begins with recruiting the right people in the right roles from the very beginning - only those who share the same mindset will allow you to create something great." 

Images from Westrow Hair