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Tips From The Pros - Simone Thomas

Simone Thomas, founder of Simone Thomas Salons and Simone Thomas Wellness says success starts with you, the owner. 

Never Stop Learning
"It doesn't matter how qualified you are, there is always the opportunity to be better. In order to offer an unparalleled service to my clients, I am always building upon my knowledge. I've completed a three-year Trichology programme, as well as a diploma in Nutrition and Weight Loss which means I'm qualified to offer a complete package of services when it comes to scalp and hair loss issues. I'm a huge believer in learning and being the best I can be. If I meet a client suffering from a condition I'm not familiar with, I make it my mission to find out all I can on the subject. Knowledge is power and so important to a successful business. Books are also a great way to staying informed - I always have four or five on rotation. Currently, I'm into books on nutrition and I love reading biographies of entrepreneurs that I admire - they're so motivational."


Extend Your Services 
"It's all too easy to get stuck in a rut - if it ain't broke, why fix it? But adding new services to an established business can broaden your appeal and attract new clients. As the hair loss side of my business is so busy, I've spent the last two years researching, testing and planning a Wellness programme aimed at maintaining optimum health. I'm launching a range of food supplements with multiple benefits and also writing a book on the subject. When it comes to the salon; discounts and perks are always a great incentive to attract new clients - and if they receive an unbeatable service, they'll keep coming back. With this is mind, we work with a large number of corporates within our local area and offer staff a discount - over 400 employees from one particular company are now Simone Thomas clients, which is pretty amazing! Social media is a great tool for reaching new clients too; we have clients who travel from America and Europe for our hair loss services. We also have a Live Chat Function on our website that allows us to talk to potential new clients in different time zones, even when the salon is closed. It makes perfect sense."